PC Performance Tools – CCleaner Had Malware Hidden in Software

Security research group Talos Intelligence found malware hidden in PC performance tools product CCleaner by Piriform. In all honesty, I am a CCleaner affiliate and plan on still selling this software in the future. Hackers were able to hide malware inside CCleaner and obviously distribute it over the Internet.

This is a good time to remind you of always making sure you obtain software on the Internet from legitimate sources. CCleaner version 5.33 distributed by Avast Software became infected with malware. This malware infected version of CCleaner 5.33 was available for download between August fifteen two thousand seventeen and September twelve two thousand fifteen.

Avast Software just recently acquired Piriform Limited, the makers of CCleaner. In keeping with my transparancy, I am an Avast anti-virus affiliate as well. This version of CCleaner 5.33 and any installers on Piriform’s website have been removed.

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An external hacker if you want to call them that, compromised CCleaners software distribution channel in order to inject their nefarious code also known as malware. If you are infected by this malware or if you think you are, then the solution is to roll back your system before August fifteen two thousand seventeen, reinstall your operating system, or remove CCleaner 5.33 with a anti-malware application. My computer systems are not affected by this because I use CCleaner portable.

PC performance tools CCleaner portable does NOT install any files, folders, registry entries on your computer, hence the name portable. I am not aware that CCleaner portable version 5.33 included malware. You can use Microsoft windows system restore to try to restore your computer back to before August fifteen two thousand fifteen.

According to Talos Intillegence some anti-virus software might also detect this malware and remove it. Although this legitimate software was distributed by legitimate sources, nothing is perfect in computing. These culprits were able to bypass signed digital certificates.

Also, this is a good time to remind you to always keep a backup copy of your important data. You can actually backup your entire operating system. Also, you can try using Microsoft windows system restore.

However, backing up your entire system is recommended over relying on system restore.

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