PCI e Cards – How to Add PCI-E Card to Your Lenovo Thinkcenter PC

Trying to add a PCI-E card to your Lenovo Thinkcenter computer? The Thinkcenter S51 part numbers 8098, 8171, 8172, and 8173 will beep with code 4 2 3 3 if you try to install any PCI-E card, besides a PCI-e x1 card. The system only supports PCI-e x1.

Please read the official hardware maintenance manual from Lenovo, for your Lenovo Thinkcentre S51. The bezel is removable but must be replaced with a PCI-e x1 card only. If you feel your Thinkcentre computer is having this problem then make sure to check with Lenovo support to see if this affects your particular model.

PCI e Cards

You can find PCI-e x1 cards from many popular online retailers like the ones listed in a google search. You might also want to contact a local retail computer store to see if they have any if you don't want to purchase one online. Just ask them if they have any PCI-e x1 cards.

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