PS4 Can t Connect to Internet – Fix CE339926 Error Nobunaga 5.00

Sony Interactive Entertainment Limited Liability Company released Playstation 4 system software update version 5.00 yesterday. However, some playstation users have been complaining their PS4 Can t Connect to Internet since this update was installed. There are basically, two possible quick ways to fix this problem.

You can logout of your Playstation network account. Now you want to try to log back in. This time you will be prompted to accept a new terms of service agreement.

You want to accept the new terms of service agreement. Now try to see if you can connect to the Playstation network. Another possible solution is to restart your Playstation 4 console. Go into "Settings" and then choose "Account Management".

Once in account management, you want to choose "Accept Terms and Conditions". Possibly, thousands of users have seen this ce-33992-6 error code, since yesterdays release of PS4 system software update version 5.00. Hopefully, now you have fixed your PS4 Can t Connect to Internet problem.

This PS4 system software update version 5.00 actually has a name, NOBUNAGA. New features have been rolled out in this update.

* team tournaments
* follow anyone
* messages update
* app updates

You will be able to play in team tournaments beginning October fifth, two thousand seventeen. You can follow anyone now on the Playstation 4 network. Before you could only follow verified accounts.

This is not the first time this ce-33992-6 system error has occurred, on the PS4 network. A quick Google search reveals this error message associated with PS4 Can t Connect to Internet. Even websites like had quite a few frantic users since this PS4 system software update version 5.00.

A few users complained on Playstation's official blog. Some users complained that their controllers would not connect properly after this system update. You may want to check out my afore mentioned links to for some possible fixes.

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