Remove Google Cache – How to Correct Your Web Pages With Google

How do you correct a cache with Google? They appear to have an incorrect suffix on your website homepage link. should be

How can you change this so people arrive at your home page and not receive a 404 error page. You can have Google remove cached page(s) or outdated page(s). If you own a site, to request removal of an outdated cached version of a page from search results:

Verify your ownership of a site in Webmaster Tools. On a Webmaster Tools home page, click a site you want. On a "Dashboard", click "Google Index" in a left hand navigation.

Remove Google Cache

Click "Remove URLs". Click "Create a new removal request". Type a URL of a page you want removed, and then click Continue.

Note that a URL is case sensitive, you will need to submit a URL using exactly same characters and same capitalization that a site uses. Make sure you find a right URL that you want removed. Select a "Reason" under a drop down list.

You have three choices available:

* Remove page from search results and cache
* Remove page from cache only
* Remove directory

Click on "Submit Request". Also, you can add your top level domain URL to Google. I suggest just submitting your URL.

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