Samsung Business – Denies That Their Phones Are Easily Hacked

Samsung Incorporated has denied claims that their is a huge security vulnerability with their S Suggest application. Older Samsung smart devices have this software application installed. Samsung discontinued use of this application in two thousand fourteen.

However, there are still plenty of these smart phones still in use today. Samsung allowed the domain expire, thus potentially allowing hackers to circumvent these devices. Obviously, this is more convoluted and complex than just a domain name expiring. was used to control these devices that had an Ssuggest application installed on them. A security researcher allegedly took over this domain. Joao Gouveia, chief technology officer at Anubis Labs, claimed the domain.

Samsung denies that anyone could potentially circumvent security on these older devices by taking over the domain.

"does not allow you to install malicious apps, it does not allow you to take control of users' phones."

Joa claimed he saw six hundred twenty million connections from around 2.1 million devices in first twenty four hours.

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