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T-Mobile USA Incorporated has created a new technology to protect their telephone customers from scam calls. On March twenty four two thousand seventeen, T-Mobile rolled out Scam ID and Scam Block. Scam ID alerts customers of potential incoming scam calls.

Scam block allows T-Mobile customers to not receive incoming scam calls at all. This technology works on every T-Mobile phone. You must be connected to T-Mobile's network for these two free services to work.

Neville Ray, Chief Technology Officer of T-Mobile said:

“Every year, three out of four people in the US get at least one scam call—and fraudsters cheat consumers out of more than half a billion dollars per year! It’s insane – so we had to do something to protect our customers! So the T-Mobile team designed a brilliant set of patent-pending technologies — then built them directly into our network, so there’s nothing customers have to do.

No hoops to jump through, no app to download. Like most T-Mobile technologies, it just works.”

Calls routed into T-Mobile's network are scanned real time and compared to a database of prior scam callers. If there is a match than you will see a scam likely alert. If you would rather not see these alerts, than you can turn on Scam Block.

Scam Block will block these calls from reaching your phone. Existing T-Mobile One customers will start receiving this service. New T-Mobile One customers will start receiving this service beginning April fifth two thousand seventeen.

Scam ID is automatically turned on by default. T-Mobile post paid customers can turn on this feature by dialing #ONI# #664# and clicking a call button in your dialer. Customers can turn on Scam Block by entering #ONB# #662# and clicking a call button.

Customers can turn off Scam Block by entering #OFB# #632# and clicking a call button. You can check to see if Scam Block is on or off by pressing #STS# #787# and clicking a call button.

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