Toshiba Gigashot – Need Apps and Manual For K80HE Camcorder?

You have just purchased a Toshiba Gigashot GSC K80HE camcorder second hand, it came boxed but without any owners manual, discs and application software, how can you download or obtain them? There is little information on this camcorder that is probably not very old, and yet quite a good and high end product. So far I have only been able to find a possible hardware driver for your camcorder.

If you haven't tried or haven't been able to get that camera to work with your computer you could try installing a driver utility. Original software that would have been shipped with that camcorder is ACDSEE and PowerProducer. If you can't find free versions of that above software you might be able to purchase them.

I haven't found a remote yet. An only manual I've been able to track down is a specification chart. I can certainly assist you with trying to sync that camcorder with Windows XP and try to find some free software for you if you don't want to pay for factory software that shipped with that camera.

I'm not sure why Toshiba has limited information on this camcorder. I think they originally shipped out two CD's. One CD had a quick start guide and user manual.

Toshiba Gigashot

Second CD had Cyberlink PowerProducer and ACDSEE video software. You can download and try out a Free 30 day trial of Cyberlink PowerProducer 6.0. You can download and try out a Free 30 day trial of ACDsee Pro 8.0.

To download a manual for your GSC-K80HE browse to this Toshiba missing your manual page. Choose "Options" for Product type. Choose "Digital Imaging" for family.

Choose "Digital Video Cameras" for Product series. Choose "Gigashot K Series" for Model. Choose English for language and then click on Search.

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