Transfer Tunes – Secret to Transferring iTunes Songs Quickly

Secret to transferring iTunes songs quickly. If your about to reload an operating sytem on your computer, be aware that your Apple iTunes songs may not be playable. This may also be true, if you are just transferring your iTunes songs, from one computer to another.

Apple has a five computer authorization limit, on songs bought from their iTunes store. If you think you have passed your quota of five computers then check your iTunes computer authorizations. You can perform this quickly by:

How to deauthorize a computer:

  1. In iTunes, choose "Store" then select "Deauthorize Computer". Your computer will  need connection to the Internet.
  2. Click on "OK".

If you have reached your five computer limit, then you have a second option, which is to deauthorize all five computers at once using these steps:

  1. Login and view your Apple account information online.
  2. Click the "Deauthorize All" option.

Transfer Tunes

One other thing, make sure all of your authorized computers are using a latest version of iTunes. One last tip to avoid not being able to play your iTunes songs in future. You can deauthorize any computers you have iTunes installed on that you don't need.

On iTunes, go to "Advanced" and then "Deauthorize" computer to any computer that you have previously used but don't need anymore.

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