Verizon – Launches Unlimited Data Talk and Text Plan

Verizon Wireless announced their unlimited data, talk, and text plan to compete with other providers. Your first line costs eighty dollars per month. Each additional line up to four costs forty five dollars per line.

You will need to sign up for automatic payment and paperless billing to qualify. After twenty two gigabytes of data use, your speed may become reduced in case of network congestion. You can add other devices like smart watches for five dollars per month.

You will receive high definition video streaming, hot spot capability, calling and texting to Canada and Mexico. Also, you will receive up to five hundred megabytes of 4G LTE roaming in Canada and Mexico. With mobile hot spot you receive ten gigabytes of 4G LTE per day.

If you use more than ten gigabytes per day, then your speed is reduced to 3G speeds.

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