Wells Fargo Supported Browsers

I received another information technology request. This one did not require any troubleshooting, but merely research. Here is the original initial request verbatim.

“Need to update browser. Mac computer. Do not know.

2 weeks called Wells Fargo, called Apple support they said to contact Google to update browser. I am trying to get into my online banking at Wells Fargo.”

What operating system are you using? For example Apple Macintosh 10.11, 10.12, or 10.13. You can use any of the supported web browsers from this list from WellsFargo.com.

I would need to know what web browser you are using. You might be able to find an update on your Macintosh by going into “Software Updates”.

* Apple Safari
* Mozilla Firefox
* Microsoft Internet Explorer
* Microsoft Edge
* Google Chrome

This individual was using Google Chrome and was not able to access there banking account at WellsFargo.com. Here are the instructions to upgrade Google Chrome:

Open Google Chrome. Look for “More” at the top right. Click on “Update Google Chrome.

Click on “Relaunch”. This allowed this individual to access their Wells Fargo account. I will now include what specific web browsers and operating systems are supported with Wells Fargo online banking.

As of the time of this blog post creation here are the supported operating systems and web browsers. This list may change in the future so be sure to check out the list above from WellsFargo.com.

Operating Systems

* Apple iOS 10.3
* Apple ios 11.4
* Apple Macintosh 10.9 Mavericks
* Apple Macintosh 10.10 Yosemite
* Apple Macintosh 10.11 El Capitan
* Apple Macintosh 10.12 Sierra
* Apple Macintosh 10.12 High Sierra
* Google Android 5 Lollipop
* Google Android 6 Marshmallow
* Google Android 7 Nougat
* Google Android 8 Oreo
* Microsoft Windows 7
* Microsoft Windows 8
* Microsoft Windows 8.1
* Microsoft Windows 10

Web Browsers

* Apple Safari Version 7 to 11
* Google Chrome Version 30 to 67
* Microsoft Internet Explorer 11
* Microsoft Edge version 20 to 40
* Mozilla Firefox version 34 to 59

If you are having problems accessing Wells Fargo online banking then make certain your web browser is updated to one of the previous versions. Also, you can try using a different web browser. You should be able to access your Wells Fargo online banking with five major web browsers supported.

If you still cannot access Wells Fargo online banking with a supported web browser version, then you can clear your Internet cache and cookies. A final quick tip is to also restart your computer.

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