What is The Latest iOS Update – Version 11.1 Letter i Bug Fix

What is the latest iOS update you ask? As of the time of this blog post creation Apple iOS 11.1 is. However, there is known bug in this iOS 11.1 update that will cause the letter "i" to autocorrect into an A.

Apple Incorporated is aware of this bug and admits to it. When iPad, iPod, and iPhone users upgrade to iOS 11.1, the auto correction feature will change the lower case "i" into an upper case A symbol. This symbol is supposed to become an emoji but does NOT work correctly. In order to solve this bug, you can setup "Text Replacement" for the letter "i".

Browse to "Settings" then choose "General". In "General" choose "Keyboard" then "Text Replacement". Tap the plus + symbol. You can setup a upper case "I" for phrases and sentences.

For shortcuts you can type in a lower case "i". Apple Incorporated claims that they will relese a patch for this bug in the near future. They claim perhaps in a week, they will release a patch.

This update might be iOS 11.1.1.

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