Windows Chkdsk – Did Your Windows Computer Crash Unexpected?

What to do if your windows computer crashes unexpectedly. Some users receive "C:$Secure is corrupt Pls run Chkdsk utility" error message. You can boot your computer into safe mode by hitting an F8 key right after your computer BIOS screen flashes and before windows boots and select "Safe Mode".

In Safe Mode click on "Start" then select "Run" and type CMD in the box and click "Ok". In that black command prompt window type chkdsk /r. It may take a while for it to run but hopefully it will fix any bad sectors.

Another option is to boot your computer in safe mode again and this time run chkntfs /x c: at a command prompt. Finally, you boot off your Windows installation CD and hit the R key to get into the Recovery Console. Once in Recovery Console run chkdsk /p /r.

If that doesn't fix your problem you can try a repair installation of Windows. Another option would be to boot into safe mode and this time select "Last Known Good Configuration". You don't have to use your Windows media to boot with last known good configuration.

Windows Chkdsk

If you hit an F8 key after your BIOS screen flashes and right before windows tries to boot you will see a menu. Please select "Last Known Good Configuration" from that menu. Hopefully the computer will boot normally.

It's worth trying last known good configuration because I have seen it fix issues like this before. Yes its possible your hard drive is failing unfortunately, but it's worth trying to repair your installation of Windows.

Two additional repair solutions are specifically geared towards Microsoft Windows Vista operating sytem. One option is if the hard drive is still good would be to run Vista's "System File Checker" in safe mode. You can follow those instructions below.

System File Checker

A second option would be to run an upgrade or repair installation of Vista. You shouldn't loose any of your data but some Vista settings might be reset. You can follow some instructions for a repair/upgrade installation below.

Installation and Repair

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