Windows Updates Security – Install Windows Updates Securely

Your computer crashed so you had to revert it back to when you bought it. That was Windows Millenium edition. Then you updated it with your Windows XP software, but now you need all updates including Windows XP service pack 2 as well as about ten other updates.

It says that it will take about one hour and ten minutes. However, you don't currently have any security system in your computer. So you don't want to try and download updates over the Internet because you will probably get a virus.

You were thinking of using another computer and trying to download onto a disk and then put them onto you computer. You are not sure if that will work because you don't know where they have to go. You have also tried to download virus protection because it is missing important parts of current software.

Can you help with any ideas? Click your "Start" button, click "Run", type "Firewall.cpl", and then click OK. On a General tab, click On recommended.

Click OK. Well as long as you don't surf to any other sites you could be OK with just enabling Windows built in firewall. If your concerned about that you can try downloading and installing Avast free home edition anti-virus software.

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