WordPress Post – Quick Edit Lets You Rename Posts Quickly

Do you need to rename a WordPress blog post or page quickly? Don't want to waste time going into a blog post or page with the editor? You can quickly rename a WordPress blog post or page by using their "Quick Edit" feature.

You can browse to "Posts" then "All Posts" in WordPress to list all of your blog posts you have created. Then you click on "Quick Edit" under a blog post title.

Quick Edit allows you to quickly edit your WordPress blog posts or pages, hence the term quick edit. To rename your blog post just change your title to what you want it changed to. One other thing you want to do before updating your title is to delete out everything in a "Slug" field.

If you don't delete out the slug then an old slug will be used with a different title. WordPress uses the slug for pretty permalinks. If for whatever reason you want to or need to leave the old slug in place then don't touch the slug.

For example here is a new wordpress title with an old slug:

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Otherwise delete out the slug field and then click on "Update". Your WordPress blog post will now be updated and the slug as well. To quickly rename a WordPress page you click on "Pages" then select "All Pages".

You will see a list of all of your WordPress pages that you have created. Click on "Quick Edit", below a page title. Follow the same steps as above.

Change the title of your page in that field. Also, delete out the slug if you don't want or need to use the old slug. Then click on "Update".

Your WordPress page has a new title and slug, if you deleted out the old slug. This can potentially save you time from having to wait for an entire WordPress page or post to load in an editor in order for you to just rename the title.

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