Youtube ad Monetization – Not Suitable For Most Advertisers

I recently uploaded two Youtube videos to my Anet Computers channel about Coffee Lake Intel core i7 processors and PS4 Can t Connect to Internet Fix CE-33992-6 Error Nobunaga 5. These two videos Youtube ad Monetization is disabled. Both videos received a “Not suitable for most advertisers” message.

However, Youtube has a policy where if your video does not reach one thousand views within a week they will not review it. Also, Youtube claims they are back logged with videos to review, so they won’t review your video until seven calendar days. This past May I noticed a video that was not monetized with this same message.

That was my first ever video that was not monetized. Now I have a total of six videos that are not suitable for most advertisers. Obviously, Youtube’s algorithm is going back and flagging some of my older videos.

I went ahead and requested manual reviews for all six of these videos. However, unless these videos receive a thousand views or more within a week, then they may never get reviewed. You see I run a smaller Youtube channel.

Some of my videos have received over two hundred thousand views a piece. However, many of my videos do NOT receive one thousand views. Youtube claims that these not suitable for most advertisers may receive some revenue if not no revenue.

These videos may still receive revenue from Youtube red subscribers. However, I think I have made less than twenty dollars over my channel’s life time in Youtube red revenue. The video about Intel core i7 processors made a whopping two cents before it must have been demonitized.

The other coffee lake video was made too soon. It generally takes Youtube two to three days for their analytics data to show up for newly created videos. My solution as of now is to just delete those videos that were not suitable for most advertisers and see if they get monetized this time.

As far as those older videos that were demonitized, since they didn’t receive that many views to begin with I might just leave them demonetized. You see I use search engine optimization for all my videos.

I do NOT rely on my subscribers for view counts. Since two of these videos were created in the past two days, I will remake them and hopefully they get monetized. That way if they go more viral and receive thousands of views, then I get compensated for my creations.

I am not the only Youtube content creator that has noticed Youtube ad monetization not suitable for most advertisers messages. Another solution I have is that I have started using other video platforms. Currently, I have DailyMotion and channels.

They don’t pay out anywhere near what Youtube does. However, I can possibly supplement some of my income I am losing from Youtube’s constant shannigans. A third solution is to start getting support via other video platforms that offer monetization and Patreon.

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  1. @ John Pawlowski


    Yes, when I re-made those videos I was able to get them monetized. However, in the last eight days, I have had six total videos flagged as not suitable for most advertisers. Two of them, I was able to get monetized by requesting a review and disabling the subtitles/closed captioning.

    The last two videos I had to upload a blank thumbnail in order to get them monetized. However, one of those videos with a blank thumbnail now went back to “Not suitable for most advertisers” status. Also, just like you I have noticed some older videos being flagged as not suitable for most advertisers.

    Luckily, there are only four or five videos not monetized and those videos did not receive that many views. However, this problem is getting worse as six videos were flagged in the past eight days.


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