How to Create Subdomain – in NameCheap cPanel

Creating a sub domain in NameCheap is pretty straight forward. These instructions are for NameCheap shared hosting customers. Sub domains can be used for all kinds of reasons and are a way to have separate sections of your website without having to purchase another domain name.

You want to first log into NameCheap cPanel.

Once logged in, look for “Domains”. Click on “Sub domains” and type in your sub domain name under “Create a Sub domain” box. For example mail.

Under “Domain” choose which domain name you want to add a sub domain for. For example Type in the path to your website files under “Document Root”.

For example /public_html/mail. Finally, click on a “Create” button. You have now just created a sub domain with a document root of /public_html/mail. You can now install whatever type of website software in /public_html/mail.

As an added bonus, NameCheap allows you to install free software with there softaculous tool. What this means is that you can install a wide array of software with there easy, basically one click installs. You can even install separate versions of the same software this way.

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For example I have email service with I could have installed RoundCube mail using to access it. This would be separate email from my main email service.

You can even install a separate WordPress Content Management System with sub domains. With Softaculous, I could have created with /public_html/blog document root directory. Then I could have installed WordPress on this sub domain.

This blog would then be completely separate from my main blog at Sub domains can be very useful and possibly save you money. Also, perhaps you can use sub domains to test out certain types of websites before you go live with them.

You could even use sub domains for development purposes. Sub domains are considered completely separate and different websites. Hopefully, this tutorial was productive and helped you create a sub domain on NameCheap shared hosting using cPanel.

Microsoft Win 10 Support – Recovery and Resetting Your PC Tutorial

If you ever have issues with Microsoft Windows 10 you can always recover and reset your PC. Sometimes Microsoft security updates will fuck up your computer. Perhaps Microsoft Windows has gotten corrupt or a program you recently installed are causing issues.

You can reset your Windows 10 computer to when you installed this operating system or back to when you purchased it. However, there are two ways to reset your computer. You remove all data and programs.

Also, you can reset your PC without deleting any of your important data ie. pictures, movies, documents, etc. Click on a Windows ten menu button. Choose “Settings” and then “Update & Security”.

Click on “Recovery” and look for “Recovery Reset this PC”. Click “Get Started” to begin resetting Windows 10. You have two options to choose from.

* Keep my Files
Removes apps and settings, but keeps your personal files.
* Remove Everything
Removes all of your personal files, apps, and settings.

If you have important data you want to keep then choose “Keep my Files”. If you do not have important data you want to keep then choose “Remove Everything”. Once you pick an option a window will popup with this message “Getting things ready This won’t take long”.

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You will see a “Your apps will be removed” screen with a list of all your software applications installed. This list of your software will be saved to your desktop so that you can view later once your Windows 10 machine is restored. This is a catalog of your software.

You will need to reinstall all this software from any discs, DVD’s, Internet, etc. Finally, click on “Next” to begin resetting your Microsoft Windows 10 computer. If you choose to “Remove Everything” you will be given two additional choices.

You can then choose “Just remove my files” which will remove all your files and then reset your Windows 10 installation. This is recommended if you decide to keep using this computer. If you want to clean up your computer if you don’t plan on using it again or want to sell it then you can choose the second option.

A “Remove files and clean the drive” will remove all your data and then format the hard drive. This can take a few hours but is useful if you plan on giving or selling this computer. This option makes it more difficult for people to access any data you had on this hard drive.

Submit Site to Google – to Get Traffic to Your Website

I recently created a subdomain that was not receiving any web traffic. I decided to find out quickest way(s) to add my website to googlebot’s database. I will show you three quick ways to submit your website to googlebot.

The first way is to perform absolutely nothing. That might be futile since your website might never get indexed. You could advertise your website on another domain and or include it as a link on your social media profiles, ie. Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest etc. and wait for googlebot to visit your new domain.

A second way to submit your website is to use Google’s addurl tool. You must have a google account to use this tool. Once logged in you can quickly submit your website Uniform Resource Locator.

Also, you will need to check in a box next to “I’m not a robot” captcha. My final possible gold tip is to tell you a third option of submitting your website to Google bot. You will need a google webmasters tool account to add your domain this way.

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Login into Google Webmasters Tool. Once logged in you will be taken to your dashboard. You click on “Add a Property”.

Type in your domain name ie. and then click “Add”. As an added bonus you want to submit a Google XML Sitemap file to this listing. When I researched this, Googlebot will index your website quite a bit faster with a sitemap.xml file.

Select “Crawl” on left hand menu. Select “Sitemaps” and then add your sitempa.xml file by clicking on “Add/Text Sitemap”. You may want to test your sitemap before you submit it.

I have noticed that whenever you add a legitimate sitemap that you will notice a “Pending” notice both under “Submitted” and “Indexed” information. You need to wait for a few hours until Google finishes indexing your site. Using a working sitemap.xml file may speed up the index process of your website and create same day website traffic, which is beneficial for bloggers.

Sitemap XML WordPress – Plugin Generates Bing & Google Sitemaps

Recently, my preferred WordPress XML Sitemap plugin stopped functioning correctly. It could be because this plugin’s author had not updated it to become compatible with a current version of WordPress I am using 4.8.1. I decided to look for another XML sitempa generator for both Bing and Google search engines.

Luckily, I found Google XML Sitemaps coded by Arne Brachhold. This is like my third or fourth WordPress XML sitemap plugin I have had to use. Hopefully, this plugin author will not abandon this plugin and keep updating the code.

Using a WordPress XML Sitemap can be crucial to your website’s Search Engine Optimization’s success. You want to first make sure that you do NOT have a current robots.txt file in the root directory of your website files. This plugin will conflict with a robots.txt file that is located in root directory of your website.

Click on “Plugins” on left hand side of WordPress. You want to choose “Add New”. Type in “Google XML” in a “Search Plugins” box in upper right hand corner.

Look for “Google XML Sitemaps” and click on an “Install” button. Once this plugin is successfully installed then click on “Activate”. Click “Settings” in WordPress and look for and select “XML-Sitemap”.

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You probably don’t need to change any settings. However, if you have a robots.txt file in you website root folder then you can uncheck an option to create a virtual robots.txt file in WordPress. I had to delete my robots.txt file in order to get this plugin to create a sitemap.xml file on this domain.

Remember if you have a file it may interfere with this plugin. Under “Sitemap Content” you can select other types of content that you want included in this sitemap.xml file. You then click on “Update options” if you made any changes.

You have just created a sitemap.xml file that search engine robots such as Bing, Google, Yahoo, etc. index your website with. This is a crucial Search Engine Optimization step, so that your website starts receiving traffic. As an added bonus tip, you can take this newly created Uniform Resource Locator and submit it to Bing and Google via both a Bing Webmaster Tools and Google Webmaster Tools.

This will tell both search engines where to look for a sitemap.xml file to index your website. Also, this plugin will automatically update this sitemap.xml file and even notify both Bing and Google of new content you created.

My Sound Isnt Working – in Windows Basic Troubleshooting Steps

Audio and sound problems can become nerve racking on Microsoft operating systems. Sometimes your soundcard settings get changed seemingly by themselves and these general tips may help you to get sound working again. Also, these tips are productive on Microsoft Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 8.1, and 10.

Besides checking cables connected to your sound card or cables connected to your laptop, I will be covering tips within control panel. Many sound cards come with software besides just drivers. I recommend you install drivers and other software that comes with your sound card.

Many Original Equipment Manufacturers will add an “Audio Control Panel” within Microsoft Windows control panel. Depending on what make and model of soundcard you, you should see some additional sound properties in an audio control panel. Many times you can adjust what type of speakers you have.

Popular choices are:

* 2/2.1 speakers
* 4/4.1 speakers
* 5.1 speakers
* 7.1 speakers
* headphones

Sometimes you will inadvertantly pick the wrong speaker type. For example you only have two speakers and a woofer and you choose 7.1 speakers. This may cause you to not hear any sound at all.

This may cause you to only hear audio in certain programs. Setting your speaker configuration to match your physical speakers is one tip. Some sound card software has special effects that may cause issues.

You can disable these effects in audio control panel. Often times you can change a sample rating, which may cause issues. I recommend 44100 or 48000 KiloHertz.

However, you could also adjust the sampling rate and test out your audio before you finally choose a sampling rate you prefer. Sometimes you can adjust a bit rate. This can potential cause problems if for example a particular software does not support a specific bit count.

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As a matter of fact a screen capture program called XShare does not support twenty four bit audio. I have a Sound Blaster Live twenty four bit soundcard in this computer I am writing this blog post with. XShare was my preferred screen capture program I used to make YouTube videos.

However, since this program does not support twenty four bit audio, it fails capturing audio in videos I record. I have not been able to figure out how to force this program to record in sixteen bit. That is a project for my to do list.

Anyways setting an audio bit rate that certain software does not support could be causing you problems. Another place in Microsoft windows operating systems that you can look to troubleshoot sound problems is in Windows sound or mixer. Perhaps it is as simple as your sound card being muted in Windows.

Perhaps you have the wrong soundcard or audio device selected. Another place to troubleshoot is in a “Sounds” tab. Windows XP by default does not have a sound scheme enabled.

What this means is that you won’t hear any audio until you choose a sound scheme. I think Windows Vista, 7, 8, 8.1, and 10 has a sound scheme selected by default. Perhaps by accident a sound scheme is not selected and that is why you are not hearing any sound.

Finally, you can always check your volume mixer in Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 8.1, and 10. Perhaps your volume was muted or you just want to troubleshoot why you don’t have any sound. These are just a few general tips, in case for whatever reason, you are not hearing any sound from your Microsoft Windows based computer.

My Western Digital – 20 Terabyte My Book RAID Device

Western Digital Corporation has released it’s largest desktop storage system to date. You can purchase a twenty terabyte My Book Duo Redundant Array of Independent Disks. This storage system can be used as a home storage device or for small business purposes.

These devices come with Western Digital red RAID hard drives. Western Digital claims these drives can sequentually read up to three hundred sixty megabytes per second. This system includes RAID optimized firmware as well.

This is a two disk storage array with automatic management. This storage system actually has Universial Serial Bus Type C connection and includes cables. You can hook up older USB devices like mice and keyboard(s) with two type A connections.

This RAID storage system comes in different sizes besides twenty terabyte.

* 20 Terabyte
* 16 Terabyte
* 12 Terabyte
* 8 Terabyte
* 6 Terabyte
* 4 Terabyte

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You can password protect your data. These systems come with built in two hundred fifty six bit Advanced Encryption Standard. These RAID devices are secured with WD Security software.

You can purchase these storage systems via and retailers. They come with a limited three year warranty. Prices are:

* $799.99 20 Terabyte
* $599.99 16 Terabyte
* $419.99 12 Terabyte
* $329.99 8 Terabyte
* $289.99 6 Terabyte
* $259.99 4 Terabyte

These devices come with a thirty day money back guarantee and free standard shipping at time of this blog post creation. You can use these RAID systems in basically three modes. A default RAID 0 with just one functioning drive, RAID 1 with two drives and redundancy, or two seperate functioning drives.

These storage systems are New Technology File System formatted and support Windows 7, 8, 8.1, and 10 out of the box. You would have to reformat these drive(s) for other operating systems. You can backup your data with included Western Digital Backup software.

You will need to make some configuration changes for true RAID data redundancy, as out of the box these devices are configured for just one drive.

Samsung Galaxy Note 8.0 Specs

Samsung finally released the much awaited Galaxy Note 8 on August twenty third two thousand seventeen. Amidst the debacle of the Samsung Galaxy Note 7. The Note 7 was actually cancelled, which included battery recalls.

Samsung boasts the Galaxy Note 8 comes with an infinity display, enhanced S Pen, and dual cameras. These cameras have optical image stabilization. This display is bigger than in previous Galaxy Note smart devices.

This screen is an HD Plus Super Amoled with 6.3 inches. This device allows you to use two applications at once. The S Pen has been enhanced.

The Samsung Galaxy Note 8 includes always on notifications. Even while your device is locked, you will be able to view your application notifications. This device includes two megapixel cameras.

These cameras are both rear and include wide angle as well as telephoto lenses. You can take two seperate photos at once. The front facing camera is eight megapixels.

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This device comes with six gigabytes system Random Access Memory and two hundred fifty six gigabyte upgradeable memory. Samsung claims that batteries in the Note 8 will go through an eight step safety check. This device will become available for purchase in middle of September two thousand seventeen.

You can choose from four different colors:

* Midnight Black
* Orchid Gray
* Maple Gold
* Deepsea Blue

Sixty four bit quad core processors and up to two hundred fifty six gigabytes MicroSD cards are supported. 802.11 a, b, g, n, and ac are supported. This Samsung Galaxy Note 8 comes with Android Nougat 7.1.1 installed.

This device has USB type C connector and USB power supply adapter. You can purchase an optional wireless charger accessory for an additional cost. We shall see if this device is a success or goes up in flames.

I was not able to obtain preorder or pricing information directly from Samsung.

Android 8 Oreo – Operating System Basics

Google finally has released their latest and greatest eighth Android operating system. Many individuals on the Internet knew that Google would name their latest Android version Oreo. This was no secret.

However, most other details were not released until now. For what it is worth, Google has always named their Android versions after chocolate treats. I have no fucking idea why that is.

Anyways, Android 8.0 Oreo comes with picture in picture and automatic fill. Google claims Oreo is faster and more secure. Picture in Picture allows you to use two applications at once.

Android 8.0 Oreo includes notification dots. These dots allow you to get notifications from applications running in background. You just click on these dots to view any notification(s).

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This version of Android includes over sixty new emoji icons. Android 8.0 Oreo comes with Google Play Protect built into this operating system. Google claims that Oreo boots twice as fast on a Google Pixel smart device.

Automatic fill allows you to save username and password information for quicker logins. This is optional by the way. Google expects large hardware manufacturers to begin rolling out Android 8.0 Oreo later this year.

This latest version of Android operating system, is supposed to limit applications activity, with applications that are being used less. Android 8.0 Oreo includes integrated printing support. You can place your notifications on snooze.

The code for Android 8.0 Oreo has been released to the public via the Android Open Source Project. Google Play Protect is supposed to scan your applications, making sure they are not nefarious.

iPhone 5C Info – to Reset Using Recovery Mode

I recently had a customer bring in an Applie iPhone 5c with not only a bad screen but also, a disabled device. I am going to describe how to perform a reset using recovery mode. You can possibly gain access to your iPhone 5c again with these instructions.

You will need either a personal computer running most recent version of iTunes or a MAC running most current version of iTunes. Open up iTunes and then connect your USB cable to your iPhone 5c and computer.If you have an iCloud locked iPhone, this won’t fix that connundrum.

First you want to hold down a top wake/sleep power button and home button at same time. Keep holding down both buttons even while you see the Apple logo. You will eventually see an iTunes logo with an arrow pointing from a cable graphic.

This means that iTunes has detected your Apple iPhone 5c. A popup window will prompt you to either update your device or restore your device. Also, iTunes will show a screen with your iPhone devices’ serial number and “iPhone Recovery Mode”.

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You can select “Update” but most likely will need to select “Restore”. Caveat Emptor, the Restore option will wipe all data off of your iPhone 5c. Update will just update the version of iOS running on your iPhone.

You might be able to access your iPhone once again by choosing either option. If your Apple iPhone 5c is iCloud locked then this solution won’t work. You would need to take your device to Apple and provide proof of ownership.

This tutorial might be productive if for whatever reason you want to restore your Apple iPhone 5c back to factory. Perhaps an update fucked up your device, or it is not working smoothly anymore. At least you know how to restore your device back to factory.

Also, you learned how to update your Apple iPhone 5c via iTunes.

How to Upload Videos to Reddit

Reddit Incorporated announced on August seventeen two thousand seventeen, that they have completed their video beta program. Moving forward all reddit users will be able to upload their own video content directly to Reddit servers. Before, reddit users were required to use third party video platforms like YouTube.

Now, Reddit users can upload their videos directly to Reddit. However, there are some restrictions. The only video formats supported are MP4 and MOV. Also, videos are restricted to fifteen minutes or less.

You can either record videos with official Reddit applications or upload prerecorded video content. With a desktop computer you can just select a video file and upload. Reddit also features a Graphics Interchange Format converter, which allows you to convert an MP4 video into gif format.

Using mobile applications allow you to create shortened video clips. You will be able to watch and participate in Reddit threads at same time. To upload a video using a desktop computer, you click on a “Submit Link” on any subreddit that has video enabled.

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Then you want to click on “Choose File”. Select any MP4 or MOV video file. Remember you are limited to fifteen minute videos for now.

Next you choose a thumbnail for your video. Type in a title for your video. Finally, click “Post” to submit your video.

Instructions for mobile applications are different. Click on “Post something interesting” at top of “Home” or on any subreddit that is video enabled. Click on “Post to r/__.

Now click on “Image/Video” to select one. You can click on “Camera” to record a video or select “Library” to upload a previously recorded video. Remember you are limited to fifteen minute videos for now.

Next, you add a title and then click “Post” to submit your video. For new Reddit users, you will need to wait thirty days and receive enough karma points to create a subreddit. Once you can create a subreddit, than you will be able to upload videos.