Open Source Office Suite – LibreOffice Version 6.0 Available

Open source office suite libreoffice version 6 is now available. This newest version of libreoffice was released on January thirty first two thousand eighteen. Actually this latest version of open source office suite LibreOffice celebrates a seven year anniversary of this software suite.

These are the main categories with changes in LibreOffice 6.0.

* power
* simplicity
* security
* interoperability
* online version
* android viewer
* corporate deployments

LibreOffice is an entirely FREE open source office suite comparable to Microsoft Office. I have been using open source office suite software for over a decade now. LibreOffice is my office suite of choice, for at least five years now.

You can open up many types of Microsoft office documents within libreoffice. Also, you can open up many types of libreoffice documents with Microsoft office suite. LibreOffice has an automatic update notifier.

However, on this Microsoft Windows 10 Professional x64 64 bit operating system computer I am using, LibreOffices’ automatic update installer no longer works. I am not sure if that is just exclusive to this computer or a known bug issue with Libreoffice. However, other than that this open source office suite works as intended.

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You can always manually download the most current version of LibreOffice suite. LibreOffice is compatible with Microsoft Windows, Apple Macintosh, and Linux operating systems. Microsoft Windows XP service pack 3, Vista, 7, 8, 10, server 2008, and server 2010 operating systems are supported. Apple Macintosh operating system 10.8 mountain lion or newer are supported.

Linux operating system distributions with Linux kernel version 2.6.18 or newer, glibc2 version 2.5 or newer, and gtk version 2.10.4 or newer are supported. Also, there is an open source office suite libreoffice suite viewer version for the Google Android operating system, which I have never tried before. Finally, there is a portable version of LibreOffice that will work on a Universal Serial Bus device, cloud, or local drive.

I have not tested out this portable version yet. However, I plan on testing it out and if I have no major problems I plan on removing the stand alone application from this computer. I prefer having a computer with the least amount of software installed.

Microsoft Windows 2000 – Quick Restore on Compaq EVO N180

I recently received some computer equipment for recycling. One of those items was a Compaq EVO N180 laptop. This computer is around fifteen years old.

However, I thought I would process this notebook computer with Microsoft windows 2000 as if I could resell it. This laptop came with a battery that would not charge and a failing left mouse button. However, I thought I would have some fun and try to perform a new install of Microsoft Windows 2000.

Luckily enough, the individual that dropped off this equipment took excellent care of this equipment and also saved software that came with these computers. He gave me three Windows 2000 compact disc read only memory discs. One of these was a HP Windows 2000 service pack two disc.

Another one was a HP Windows 2000 service pack four disc. Finally, I received a Windows 2000 service pack one recovery disc. I could not use the HP Windows 2000 service pack two disc with this Compaq EVO N180.

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Also, the HP Windows 2000 service pack four disc did NOT have the correct drivers for this EVO N180 laptop computer. However, the HP Windows 2000 service pack one disc did have correct drivers for ths Compaq EVO N180. Unfortunately, this disc only loaded service pack one of Windows 2000.

I was not able to download service pack four for windows 2000 from Microsoft. I do not have any discs with service pack four. This Compaq EVO N180 ran pretty good on 768 Megabytes of random access memory.

Believe it or not I was able to access the Internet with the built in Internet Explorer 5. I could not find a replacement battery and or touchpad mouse on the Internet anywhere. If I were going to try to resell this laptop then definately I would want to replace the battery, touchpad mouse, and upgrade Windows 2000 to service pack four.

Also, I would want to install a firewall and anti-virus. However, this Compaq EVO N180 was only a Pentium III computer. Certainly not much if any demand for older Pentium III computers.

I may try to sell this laptop as is or part it out. Most likely I will have to give it away or part it out and then send the remaining parts to a larger recycler. I had a good time messing around with older school technology.