Microsoft Word is Not Opening – Fix

Another computer problem on Microsoft Windows 10 of all operating systems. I received a request on a third party website where I earn supplemental income answering computer and technology related questions. Here is the original request:

“I have a 2016 version of Office Home and Student. I cannot open Word this morning. I have the documents.”

This individual had installed some Microsoft Windows 10 updates recently. However, they claimed they were able to open Microsoft Word successfully. They were using a computer with Microsoft office home and student 2016 version.

Here is my response:

You can restart your computer if you have not done so. Please post any error messages you are receiving. Also, you can try to perform a repair on Microsoft Office.

Browse to “Add or remove programs”. Select office home and student 2016 by clicking on it. Look for “Repair”.

Choose “Repair” if it is available. Another thing you can try is to use a PC optimization tool. Run both cleaner and registry scans.

If Microsoft word still will not open, there are some system scans you can perform. I can provide more detailed instructions. This individual requested that I remotely connect and fix the problem for them.

I have learned from years of troubleshooting Microsoft Office issues to first check task manager. In Microsoft Windows 10, you can right click the task bar and select “Task Manager”. Also, you can type in “Task Manager” into a Cortana search box.

Once in task manager I look for suspicious activity. Perhaps high memory, central processing unit, and or hard drive utilization. Also, I have learned to look for a process called “Microsoft Office click to run“.

This process was designed with multiple benefits. One benefit being that it makes using multiple versions of Microsoft office on the same computer efficient. However, my experiences with Microsoft office click to run is that this process can cause problems.

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One of those problems being that it will cause a Microsoft office application not to open. What I do to fix this problem is to end each Microsoft office click to run process. This computer had three of these processes running.

I right clicked each one in task manager, and then selected “End task”. Each one of these processes spawned again. However, after ending these three process tasks, guess what?

Microsoft Office home and student 2016 Word opened successfully. This was a pretty simple fix. I described how to perform these tasks to this individual in case they kept having problems with Microsoft Word is Not Opening.

Since this was a quick easy fix, I shall you give some bonus tips in case you were still NOT able to fix this problem. Always reboot your computer. You might be surprised how many times this will fix an issue.

Another tactic you can try is to perform a repair on Microsoft Office home and student 2016. Follow the instructions to perform a repair earlier in this blog post. Do NOT overlook necessarily malware, spyware, and viruses.

Microsoft Windows 10 includes Windows Defender which is a free malware and virus scanner. Also, you can run two system scans. You want to perform a system file check.

sfc /scannow

Also, you can run a check disk scan.

chkdsk c: /f /r

Type Y for yes when prompted with a volume is in use message. Restart that computer and do NOT touch the keyboard. A check disk scan should begin within 10 seconds.

If the scan does NOT begin, then schedule it again using the instructions above. Finally, you may have to reinstall Microsoft Office student and home edition 2016 in the worst case scenario. These instructions were written for Microsoft Windows 10 with Microsoft office 2016 student and home edition.

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HTC Desire 626S Metro PCS – Screen Replacement

I have owned an HTC Desire 626S Metro PCS for almost two years now. I have been extremely happy with this smart device. However, recently the screen quit working.

This might be due to the fact I am kind of rough so to speak on dumb devices, er I mean smart devices. I did NOT pay that much for this device to begin with. I was debating just buying another smart device.

However, I have been so satisfied with this Android, that I decided to salvage this device. I ordered a HTC Desire 626S Metro PCS replacement screen from I received this replacement screen in six days.

This screen frame is NOT the exact same one that I had before. I found out as I was trying to replace this screen that indeed it is NOT the exact same. This causes a bit of a problem when putting it back together.

However, this replacement screen does work successfully, so I will continue on with this tutorial. You will need some small tools. You will need a small hexadecimal and Phillips head screwdriver.

Also, you may want some small pliers or something you can loosen phone sized cables and pieces with. You may want a guitar pick for separating the pieces of plastic from each other. This smart device is comprised of three separate pieces of plastic.

The LCD screen with plastic frame, the rear cover, and the middle plastic piece that covers the battery and main circuit board. The rear cover can be removed with out loosening and screws. This is where you want a guitar pick or plastic pick to loosen the back cover.

You want to remove any SIM and or SD memory cards before replacing this screen. Once you remove the rear cover, you will then need to loosen eight total screws. Two of them are Phillips head screws. The remaining six are hexadecimal screws.

You will notice the battery is in the center. Now you will be able to remove the center plastic piece. You need to remove the battery.

The battery comes out real easy and is attached loosely to the main board. You will notice three ribbon cables. You want to loosen all three of them.

The replacement digitizer include two of the three ribbon cables. The one on the very left you need to save and attach to the new screen with digitizer. There are two circuit boards.

A skinny smaller one at the bottom. You will need to remove this circuit board after loosening the left hand side ribbon cable. Also, you need to loosen the antenna on the right hand side of this circuit board.

Two pieces of plastic on each side hold this small circuit board in place. You need to remove the main circuit board above. This board is where the battery connected to.

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Two cameras, speaker, and headphones jack are connected to this main circuit board. Two pieces of plastic hold this circuit board in place. I was able to remove the circuit board with the four devices still attached.

You want to become aware that there are four devices attached so that you do NOT damage any of them. You want to loosen the two ribbon cables. Make certain that they are loosened before you pull out the main circuit board.

Now you will be transplanting the two circuit boards including attached devices onto the replacement LCD screen with digitizer and frame. I started by installing the small circuit board first. Then I attached the magnet to the board.

Next I connected the ribbon cable on left hand side. Finally, I attached black wireless cable on the right hand side. I installed the main circuit board at the top. I first attached the black ribbon cable on the right hand side.

The top right camera will snap into place. The headphones jack will also snap into place. The left hand side camera fits in nicely into place.

Finally, the speaker fits in nicely into place. There are two remaining ribbon cables you need to connect. The center one you connect to the main circuit board. The very left hand side circuit board you are transplanting from the previous LCD screen digitizer with frame.

Connect this ribbon cable to both top main circuit board and bottom smaller circuit board. Make certain all devices are in place and ribbon cables connected. The last device to attach is the battery. This easily connects to the main circuit board.

Place the center plastic cover over the LCD screen digitizer with frame. This is where I had to modify this replacement HTC Desire 626S Metro PCS screen. The plastic on the two sides and top did NOT fit tight.

Once I completed modifying the plastic it fit much tighter. I tightened the eight screws down. I snapped the rear cover back on.

I powered on the device and I saw the battery charging lightening bolt indicator. Over all I think it was a productive use of my time, replacing this screen. My overall advice is make certain you order the right replacement screen, which can save you time and headaches having to modify the plastic frame.

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HP DeskJet 2652 Printer Software – For MAC Instructions

Another request on this third party website where I earn supplemental income answering computer and technology related questions. This time I received another printer request. I only support printers in the sense of helping individuals hooking them up and installing software.

Here is the original request:

“I am trying to connect a printer and I am not sure where I have to go to connect. The error message I get icy can’t open the application Driver Update-setup (1) exe because Microsoft Windows applications are not supported on OS X. Does this mean that this printer will not go with this computer.

I am not computer savvy at all.”

This individual did NOT care if they were able to print over universal serial bus cable or wireless. Also, they were using an Apple Macintosh computer with MAC OS X 10.10 operating system. They were trying to connect a HP DeskJet 2652 printer.

Here is my response:

Click on the Apple Macintosh logo above. Select “About this MAC”. I need to know what version you have installed.

For example Apple MACOS 10.11. If not you can browse to this link below and it should automatically detect what Macintosh operating system you have installed. You can install your HP DeskJet 2652 printer software.

You have to download and install a driver for your MAC otherwise your printer will not work. If you noticed I asked them what version of Macintosh operating system they had installed. Hewlett Packard’s website is designed to automatically detect what operating system you have installed.

However, with individuals whom admit they are not computer savvy, it can save quite a bit of time and headaches to just provide a direct download link. Speaking of direct links, if you have Macintosh OS X 10.10 otherwise known as Yosemite, you can download software from this HP DeskJet 2652 printer software link. You should be able to just click on that link and you should be prompted to save it to your computer.

This individual had a bit of a problem I think knowing where to find this downloaded software. I provided some instructions with an image. All you have to do is click on the link to download.

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It is only an eight megabytes sized file.

You can use “Finder” to find your downloads. Finder is located in your Dock down below. Look for your “Downloads” folder.

Once you open up Finder you will see your Macintosh username on the left hand side. Click on your username to expand the contents. You should see a “Downloads” folder.

Refer to this image I just uploaded. This Macintosh user whom was NOT computer savvy was able to follow my instructions and successfully install the software driver for their HP DeskJet 2652 printer. They reported to me that they were able to print in color.

If you are NOT computer savvy there is no reason why you cannot install printer software. Here are some additional tips. Generally, I noticed with Hewlett Packard printers, that most times you must install the software first and then connect your printer.

Also, with my experiences as a computer technician most Hewlett Packard printers require you to install a driver from CD-ROM or an Internet download. Microsoft Windows does have a few printer drivers that come with their operating systems. However, most times with my experience most Hewlett Packard printers will NOT work out of the box so to speak.

I do NOT have nearly as much experience dealing with installing Hewlett Packard printers on Macintosh computers. Obviously, this was one of those cases, where you cannot just plug in your printer and begin printing in color no less. If in doubt I think it is always product to read your quick start guide that comes with Hewlett Packard printers.

This should NOT stop you from learning how to install printer software and or drivers on any computer operating system even Linux. Hopefully, this blog post helped you install HP DeskJet 2652 printer software on your Macintosh computer.

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Onkyo CX-70 – Audio Receiver Testing

I recently received a couple of items for recycling. One of them being an old school Onkyo CX-70 receiver. This device is fucking heavy.

This audio receiver is mostly made out of steel and aluminum. There is very little plastic found. However, I noticed a few faulty items.

Two of the speaker connectors were loose. Also, I think the built in antenna was not properly connected. I decided to test this receiver out.

I love fucking around with electronics. Also, I like to repair or figure out how to repair electronics. Sound systems is not my niche.

I am up for learning new things though. This receiver I initially thought would be perhaps 20 years old. I performed a quick Google search and found one listing over at Radio with 1981 as the manufactured date.

I could not find a manufactured date sticker on this Onkyo CX-70. At first I thought it was possible it would not power on. The individual that dropped it off did NOT know if it worked or not.

I plugged it in and powered it on and I did NOT see any visual display that it worked. I started to fiddle around with the AM switch. Low and behold I saw a red light.

Some green lights started flashing. I think the receiver was tuned into a radio station. Later on I have concluded that many of the green power lights do NOT work.

For example as soon as you turn on this Onkyo receiver, you should see green lights above the power button. This audio receiver has a cassette tape player that opens with or without the device plugged in to live power.

That is kind of a cool feature. Perhaps in case the cassette tape gets stuck? I don’t know the answer to that question. I found some jankety speaker I think from a liquid crystal display that had a busted screen.

Anyhow, I quickly hooked this speaker up to the older school type speaker connectors. You literally connect bare speaker wire to the receiver. Not RCA type connectors.

I was able to hear AM radio. This receiver actually works. I tested out the FM receiver and that also worked.

I was a bit surprised. I do NOT own any cassette tapes, so I was not able to test that. However, later I did test the reverse, forward, stop, and start buttons.

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They all seem to work. This receiver has four connectors for straight speaker wire. You can hook up just two speakers.

There are both positive and negative speaker wire connectors. This Onkyo CX-70 also includes two RCA connectors. Unfortunately, I do not have any of those type of speakers either.

This allows you to hook up two speakers with left and right connectors. This unit includes an external AM antenna connector for straight speaker wire. Also, one 75 ohm and one 300 ohm FM antenna connectors.

There is one straight through speaker wire ground connector. Interestingly, there is a 120 watt power plug. This would allow you to power another device.

There is a 150 maximum watt amplifier with this Onkyo CX-70 receiver. There is a quarter inch microphone connection and a quarter inch headphones jack connection. There is then obviously a record button with the cassette feature.

This receiver has the following adjustments:

* volume
* tuning
* fm or am
* tuner or phono
* source or cassette
* loudness on or off
* balance
* treble
* bass
* microphone level

The tape cassette player has the following buttons:

* record
* rewind
* play
* fast forward
* stop
* timer/pause

The tape cassette player has two adjusting knobs:

* dolby nr out or in
* tape select high, metal or normal

I am going to try to sell this Onkyo CX-70 locally probably on Craigslist. I really do NOT have a use for it as I do NOT listen to commercial over the air radio. I stream techno music without lyrics preferably.

If I cannot sell it I might keep it for testing purposes.

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How to Run Multiple Versions of Office on One Computer

I received another request on a third party website where I earn supplemental income answering computer and technology related questions. Here is the original request:

“I have discovered that Quick Books will not export to Excel office 365 version. So I would like to install my legal copy of office 2010 on the laptop and use it’s Excel to work with the Quick Books files. Will this work OK, or will the new install somehow harm or delete office 365?”

The quick answer to this question is that yes, you can install multiple different versions of Microsoft Office suite software onto the same computer. This individual was using a computer with Microsoft Windows 10 operating system installed. Here is the rest of my response:

Yes, you can install multiple versions of Microsoft office on the same computer. However, you have to make sure that you change the directory that Microsoft office gets installed on. For example you would want Microsoft Office 2010 installed in a different folder compared to the Microsoft Office 365 installation

C:\Program Files\Office 2010

I would first verify where your existing Microsoft Office installation is located. It should be in one of these two folders:

C:\Program Files
C:\Program Files (x86)

Once you verify where Microsoft Office 365 is currently installed, then try to install Microsoft Office 2010. During the beginning of the installation, it will ask you the where you want to install Microsoft into. This is when and where you change the file path to something different then where Microsoft Office 365 is installed.

You want to make certain you pick a file path that is different otherwise you will overwrite files. You want to install Microsoft office 2010 like this:

C:\Program Files\Office 2010

Not in the downloads folder of your user account, if that is what you meant. If you install Microsoft Office 2010 in:

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C:\Program Files\Office 2010

Then make certain that Microsoft Office 365 is currently installed in:

C:\Program Files\Office 365

This is an old school trick that I have known about for quite a few years. You just have to make certain you pick dynamic installation folders. Also, you may want to use a naming convention that is logical and not confusing.

You might want to keep the folder names short and targeted to the versions of Microsoft Office you are installing. If you forget or ever need to remove a version of Microsoft Office then you can just browse to:

C:\Program Files or C:\Program Files (x86). The (x86) folder is for 32 x86 bit applications. The folder without (x86) is where x64 64 bit applications become installed.

As long as you install Microsoft Office in different folders then you will be able to use multiple versions of Microsoft Office on your computer. This individual was able to successfully install both Microsoft Office 2010 and Microsoft Office 365 on the same exact computer without avoiding a major crisis. These instructions were written for a computer with Microsoft Windows 10 operating system installed.

This may seem like a strange request. However, in my time in corporate and government military America, this was a more common request than you might imagine. However, this information can be used for other Microsoft operating systems.

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HP OfficeJet 6700 Installation Software – Instructions

I received another request on a third party website where I earn supplemental income answering computer and technology related questions. Here is the initial request:

“I don’t believe it’s connected to the computer and I can’t find the disk and the printer is not listed when trying to connect it.”

This individual was referring to their Hewlett Packard OfficeJet 6700 Premium printer. My initial warning to you is that when it comes to Hewlett Packard printers, most times you do NOT want to hook up the printer to your computer first. You want to wait until you install the printer software suite.

The installation will prompt you when to hook up your printer. Here is the remainder of my response:

What operating system are you using? For example Apple Macintosh, Microsoft Windows 7, 8, or 10. You can download the complete printer software from this HP OfficeJet 6700 installation software link.

That web page should automatically detect your operating system. If that web page does not detect your correct operating system, then click on the “Change” button, choose your correct operating system and then click on that “Change” button again. Once you download this software to your computer, you will want to double click the file and proceed with the installation.

Wait until the installation asks you to connect your printer. This individual had a computer with Microsoft Windows 7 operating system installed. If you have Microsoft Windows 7 operating system installed you can download the HP OfficeJet 6700 installation software from that direct download link.

This individual confused me to a certain extent. They wanted to skip the Fax portion of this software. I did NOT know if they wanted to skip the installation of any faxing software module or skipping the setup of a Fax number.

I think when it comes to Hewlett Packard printers you cannot skip the configuration of a Fax number. I could be wrong. At the very least you could enter in a dummy number.

For example:


Also, the Hewlett Packard printer software is one complete suite. You cannot remove just one piece of software for just faxing.

“If you only want the drivers (without the Full Software Suite), it is available as a separate download named HP Officejet 6700 Premium e-All-in-One Printer series – H711 Basic Driver.”

Need Online Computer Technical Support? Ask a Computer Technician and Solve Your Computer Problem Now.

I don’t think you have a choice. Only option is to install the basic Hewlett Packard printer driver only and not the full suite. This individual was able to successfully install this software and I thought I was done being a serf for the evening.

Low and behold another problem arose. This time they received a warning that they needed to replace their color printer cartridges. They wanted to know if they could print with just their black printer cartridge also known as gray scale.

The answer to this is actually a paradox. Yes and no. Yes, you can print in gray scale only with this Hewlett Packard OfficeJet 6700 premium printer.

However, your color printer cartridges must NOT become empty. If they are low with toner than yes you can. I have no fucking idea why the discrepancy, but I did find this documented on an official Hewlett Packard web page.

These are the instructions to change the print settings to print with black ink only. This is known as gray scale. You may have to change your print settings every time you print, in order to print in gray scale.

Click “Print” in the software program you want to print from. Select your Hewlett Packard OfficeJet 6700 premium printer from the list of available printers. Look for and open the “Printer Properties” dialog box.

This can be called “Printer Properties”, “Options”, “Printer Setup”, “Printer”, or “Preferences”. Click on the “Features” tab. You want to click the “gray scale” drop down menu.

Now click on “Black Ink Only”. You can use even less black ink by selecting the “Draft” setting. Click on “OK”. Now you want to click “Print” to print a test page.

This individual was now able to print successfully on their Hewlett Packard OfficeJet 6700 premium printer. These instructions were written primarily for Microsoft Windows 7 operating system, but can certainly be used as a basis point for other Microsoft Windows operating systems.

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Malware Removal Windows 10 – Instructions For Blue Screens

Another computer problem in the world order. This time an individual is having blue screen problems with Microsoft Windows 10 operating system. What else is new in Microsoft land?

Here is their initial request:

“Scanning for malware and computer went to blue screen and will not boot. Can it be recovered?”

This individual was using a Dell Inspiron computer with Microsoft Windows 10 operating system installed. They were NOT able to use system restore. I was NOT able to remotely connect to this computer and you will find out the error soon enough.

Here is my response:

Are you able to boot into the advanced options? If so try command prompt safe mode with networking option. If you are unable to access the advanced options menu, then you can create a recovery drive.

You would need another computer with Windows 10 to create this USB flash drive. Anyways, you can type in this command to run a system file check:

sfc /scannow

I recommend running it two or three times. This individual could NOT download any remote support software. They received the following error message:

“…is not recognize as an internal or external command, operable program or batch file.”

You are receiving this error when trying to download from the Internet, could be because your computer is having problems. I would recommend running malware, spyware, and virus scans. You can use my preferred spyware removal tool.

I can provide a link to the free version if you want. You can run a virus scan with Windows defender that is built into Microsoft Windows 10. What program were using to scan for malware?

This individual was NOT able to download anything from the Internet. Desperate times require desperate measures. You might be able to run a scan with Windows defender in command prompt.

I am looking for the exact command to run. Please type the following command including the quotes:

“%ProgramFiles%\Windows Defender\MpCmdRun.exe” -Scan -ScanType 1

You should be able to open up another command prompt with administrator rights while system file check scan is still running. This individual received a cannot find path specified error. This is a common occurrence in Microsoft Windows when malware, spyware, viruses have infected your computer.

Even a corrupt Microsoft Windows installation will cause these types of error messages. You can try this command instead:

“%ProgramFiles%\Windows Defender\MSASCui.exe” -QuickScan

This command will try to open the Microsoft Windows Defender graphical user interface and perform a quick scan. This individual was still not able to start a Windows Defender virus scan. Can you browse to this folder?

C:\Program Files\Windows Defender

You would need to use this command twice to go to the root of C:

cd ..

Then type in:

cd Program Files

cd Windows Defender

If you are able to get to that directory you can enter these commands:

MpCmdRun.exe” -Scan -ScanType 1

MSASCui.exe” -QuickScan

Need Online Computer Technical Support? Ask a Computer Technician and Solve Your Computer Problem Now.

After the system file check scan is complete then restart your computer and see if you are able to boot into normal windows mode. If you cannot then you can try performing a check disk scan. Type this command:

chkdsk c: /f /r

Type Y for yes at a volume in use message. Restart your computer and do not touch the keyboard. A check disk scan should begin within 10 seconds.

If a check disk scan does not begin, type the command again and schedule it again. Running system file check and check disk scans might fix your computer enough so that it will boot normally. This individual had been using Spyhunter to scan for malware.

These tactics did NOT fix this Microsoft Windows 10 problem. Have you tried a “Reset this PC”? After running system file check and check disk scans sometimes system restore and reset this PC will work.

If you do NOT have any important data on that computer, you might be able to perform a factory recovery or reset. You might find it in a F11 or F12 menu. You would press one of those keys before Windows tries to boot.

If you know your Dell service tag, then you can try to find out how to perform a factory reset on the Internet. Since I do NOT own any newer Dell computers, it is difficult for me to know what keystroke will take you to a factory reset option. I know that older Dell computers would sometimes include it in the F8 advanced boot options menu.

This is one of those cases where preventative maintenance may have been productive. Here is a gold tip. You should always make sure you have recovery media as soon as you purchase a new computer.

Most computer manufacturers are cheap and will not include recovery discs. However, most of them give you the ability to create recovery media. Create your recover media as soon as you receive your new computer.

Microsoft Windows 10 has another option to create recovery media. However, you would need a second computer with Microsoft Windows 10 operating system installed. You would then create a recovery drive with that second computer.

If you are technology proficient enough, you can take the hard drive out of this computer and install it in another computer with Microsoft Windows 10 operating system. You would then perform your malware, spyware, and virus scans. You cannot perform a system file check in this manner.

However, you can perform a check disk scan. Also, you could use my preferred PC optimization tool to clean up junk files and the windows registry. If you are still not able to fix your Microsoft Windows 10 blue screen problem, then you potentially could purchase recovery discs from Dell,, and or

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Open Web Analytics – How to Install OWA WordPress Plugin

Open Web Analytics is free and open source website visitor tracking software. This tool requires that you copy and pasted either JavaScript or PHP code into your websites index.html or index.php file. For example if you are using WordPress content management system then you would need to add this code to your index.php file.

One problem with this scenario is that you are editing a WordPress core file which will get over written each time you upgrade WordPress. Also, you may not want to get into the habit of editing WordPress core files. I searched for a n Open Web Analytics plugin that would inject code into each WordPress post or page so that I could track website visitors.

I found such a plugin called Open Web Analytics Plugin by Christian Schmidt. However, this plugin was developed nearly 7 years ago. This plugin may or may NOT work with newer WordPress versions.

Looks as if this plugin was abandoned years ago. Proceed with caution and is not responsible for problems with your website. I will now give you instructions on how to install and configure this plugin.

Login to your WordPress dashboard. Click on “Plugins”. Now click on “Add New”.

Type in “owa” without quotes into a search box. Look for “Open Web Analytics Plugin” by Christian Schmidt. Click on “Install Now”.

Click on OK at the “Are you sure you want to install this plugin now” warning pop up. The plugin should download and install. Click on “Activate” to make this plugin live.

Under “Settings” there will be an option titled apropos “Open Web Analytics”. Choose that option and you will taken to this plugins settings. This is where you configure this plugin to grab data from open web analytics that you already installed.

Need Online Computer Technical Support? Ask a Computer Technician and Solve Your Computer Problem Now.

You have to enter your open web analytics site ID into the first field. You must login with your admin account into the open web analytics tracking system. Click on “Edit Profile” for the website that you want to integrate with WordPress.

You will see your “Site ID” under “Site Profile”. This is a lengthy alphanumerical string. Copy and paste this site ID into the first configuration field in the WordPress plugin configuration. You can have this plugin track “Downloads”.

You can add in the host name of the server where you installed open web analytics. This is entirely optional. For example I would enter in

The “Base URL of installation” should already be filled in with /owa/. For example if you installed open web analytics into the owa directory under your web root, then you should see /owa/. However, if you changed the installation folder on your web server from /owa/ to say /stats/ then you want to change /owa/ to /stats/ in this field. You can optionally track the admin user with this tool.

Place a check next to “Track the admin user too”. Now click on “Update Settings”. Now you get to test if this plugin is working. Browse to your website so that this open web analytics detects a visitor.

In the open web analytics administrator back end you should see:

0 Visits 0 Page Views 0.00 % Bounce Rate

Now that you just visited your website, you should see some statistics for your website. Click on “Tracked Sites” from the main administrator dashboard. should show at least this:

1 Visits 1 Page Views 100.00 % Bounce Rate

If you were to click on an addition page you should see this:

1 Visits 2 Page Views 0.00 % Bounce Rate

This plugin injects tracking code into each WordPress post and page. You should begin to see more website statistics now that you have properly configured this plugin. This saves you the time from having to manually copy JavaScript or PHP code into your website index.html or index.php file.

Open Web Analytics – How to Install Free OWA Software in 10 Minutes

Open Web Analytics is free and open source software that helps you track your website visitors. This software is similar to Google Analytics. Once upon a time there was some other free open source software called Trace Watch.

However, that software is no longer supported. I then turned towards Open Web Analytics, when I had either my own virtual private server or physical web server. Then I eventually went back to using shared web hosting from Namecheap.

I turned to using the Awstats that was already installed. Now, I just earlier this year purchased virtual private server space. I am going to show you how to install Open Web Analytics.

This should take you around 10 minutes if you are familiar with the concept of installing software on your own virtual private or dedicated server. I would say in my opinion most shared hosting providers will not give you root access therefore you most likely will not be able to install this website analytics software on shared hosting. You will need to download a tarball.

The most recent version is 1.6.2. You will need to decompress this tarball. It will create a “owa” folder with all the installation files.

Now you want to upload this folder to your web server. You will most likely use file transfer protocol to upload this folder. You can upload it to your website root folder.

For example /home/user/public_html/. Also, you can create a folder off of your website root and upload the folder contents there.


Once you have successfully uploaded the owa folder to your web server, you will be creating a MySQL database. You will need to access your MySQL server via command line or with phpMyAdmin. Click on “Databases” in phpMyAdmin.

The rest of these instructions will assume you are using phpMyAdmin. In the “Create a database” field enter in the name of your owa database. For example owadb.

You can either choose a “Collation” type from a drop down menu or just leave that setting alone. Now click on “Create” button. You have just created the database that Open Web Analytics will be using.

This database has no tables. Now you need to click on “Privileges”. You will need to browse back to Home in phpMyAdmin and then click on “Privileges”.

Place a check box next to at least one already created and configured user. You are giving this MySQL username access privileges to this newly created database. Look for “Add privileges on the following database”.

Choose your newly created owadb database from this drop down list. Click on “Check All” next to “Database specific privileges”. Now you remove the check next to “GRANT” and click on “Go”.

Now you browse to the install path in your web browser. For example since I uploaded owa to the website root folder I will need to browse to this path:

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You should see an Open Web Analytics Installer screen. Now click on “Let’s Get Started…” to begin this installation. You should see a “Configuration Settings” screen.

You should not need to change your “URL of OWA”. Type in localhost in “Database Host” field. Type in the name of your database in this example owadb into the “Database Name” field.

Type into the “Database User” field the MySQL user earlier that you gave privileges to. For example user. You will need to enter in the password associated with “user” into the “Database Password” field. Click on the “Continue” button.

Under “Site Domain” field enter the domain of the website you are going to track visitors for. This example would be Now enter in your email address in case you forget your password for Open Web Analytics.

You are actually creating your admin login for this tool. Enter in a password for the email address you just typed in earlier. Remember this email address and password will allow you to administrate this website tracking software.

You should see a final “Success…Installation is Complete” page. You have just installed Open Web Analytics onto your web server. You should see the login and password information on this page.

For example:


Click on “Login and generate a site tracker”. This will take you to the Open Web Analytics login page. Login with your admin username and password just created.

Now you will be presented with tracking code. This is just computer code that you will copy and paste into your website. There is both JavaScript and PHP code available.

You want to ssh into your website. Also, you will want to either login with the root account or sudo to root. You will now be pasting this code into either the index.html or index.php file on your web server.

This depends on whether or not you are using a content management system like WordPress. You can use a text editor like vi. Make sure to write the file changes by typing :wq!

Now you can test your website tracking. Test a web page on your website by browsing to a page. For example you would browse to

This also tests to make certain this software does not conflict with your website. If you receive a blank page then obviously there is a problem. Click on “Tracked Sites”.

You should see your website in this list. If you properly added the tracking code, then you should already see some statistics. To view more detailed information, you want to click on “View Reports”.

You can change how Open Web Analytics tracks visitors by clicking on “Main Configuration”. User Management allows you to add additional users that will have access to this tool. Tracking additional websites is also available with this software.

You would just follow the steps above to add an additional website. Click on “Add New”. I do NOT know if there is a limit to how many websites you can track visitors with this tool.

This is my preferred website analytics tool. Once upon a time, I used Google Analytics. That tracking system would slow down my website(s) and who knows what Google does with all that data.

Video TDR Failure NVLDDMKM.SYS – Windows 10 BSOD Diagnosis

Another computer problem in the world order with Microsoft Windows 10 operating system. What a crappy operating system Windows 10 is. Anyways, this time an individual kept receiving the proverbial Microsoft blue screen of death.

Here is their initial request:

“Windows 10 – Video_TDR_Failure (NVLDDMKM.SYS) Video TDR Failure.”

This error can be caused by many reasons. I am always suspicious on a computer with Microsoft Windows 10 operating system installed, that perhaps malware, spyware, virus, etc. are the culprit. Yes those nasty infections can and will fuck with video drivers.

NVLDDMKM.SYS is part of the Nvidia graphics driver sub system. Here is my response to this request:

Please restart it into just “Safe mode with command prompt”. In a command prompt run a system file check scan:

sfc /scannow

Also, you can try “Last known good configuration”. Another scan to run is:

chkdsk c: /f /r

This individual was able to boot this computer into “Safe mode with networking” after performing two system file check scans. I remotely connected and performed my usual troubleshooting. I ran a scan with my preferred malware and spyware removal tool.

This individual had another third party malware removal tool. However, both of these tools did NOT find any objects. Also, I ran a full scan with Microsoft Windows Defender. Microsoft Windows Defender did NOT find any objects.

I then used my preferred PC optimization tool. This tool almost always finds junk files and will clean up the windows registry. I checked Microsoft Windows updates and device manager.

I did NOT notice anything out of the ordinary. This computer would NOT boot without a blue screen of death. Luckily this computer would boot into “Safe mode with networking”. Finally, I scheduled a check disk scan.

However, this did NOT solve the problem. Another area that you can try to diagnose is Video drivers. When researching this further there could be problems when updating your Nvidia video graphics card drivers. Also, Microsoft Windows system restore would NOT work because there were no restore points.

Need Online Computer Technical Support? Ask a Computer Technician and Solve Your Computer Problem Now.

I tried to perform a “Reset this PC” but would not work in safe mode with networking. This computer required the creation of Microsoft Windows 10 recovery drive. Type in “Recovery Drive” into a Cortana search bar.

Choose “Create recovery drive”. If you choose to leave the check box for “Back up system files to the recovery drive” this will allow you to reinstall Microsoft Windows 10. You will need a universal serial bus flash drive with at least 512 megabytes in size.

You do NOT need to create this drive on the same computer that you are having problems with. You can use another computer with Microsoft Windows 10 operating system installed. Then you would boot off this recovery drive.

This allows you to access command prompt, system restore, reset this PC, etc. Also, you would be able to reinstall Microsoft Windows 10 if necessary. Some end users on the Internet were claiming that Microsoft Windows updates caused this Video TDR Failure NVLDDMKM.SYS blue screen.

If this were the case in your situation, you could try manually uninstall the culprit Microsoft Windows update. Browse into “Settings”. Now you want to choose “Update and Security”. Click on “View update history”.

Click on “Uninstall updates”. Select the offending Microsoft Windows update by clicking on it. Then choose “Uninstall”.

Some other individuals were claiming that upgrading their Nvidia graphics card drivers was the culprit. They recommended reverting back to the previous driver version before these blue screens appeared. Microsoft blue screen of death problems can be quite difficult if not impossible to diagnose.

Hopefully, some of these tactics helps you diagnose your Video TDR Failure NVLDDMKM.SYS blue screen problem.

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