Easy Hosting Control Panel – Just How Easy is ISPConfig 3 to Use?

I decided to no longer use a virtual private server and instead build my own web server. I obtained a Comcast Xfinity business class broadband service. As long as you have a business class service, then you can physically host your own websites.

Comcast will most likely block your hyper text transfer protocol traffic with one of their residential Internet services. Anyways, one predicament of maintaining your own web server, is what operating system and or web serving software to use. I tried for days if NOT weeks to install a web server manually.

This is often times called a Linux Apache Mysql PHP server. What I could not over come was some of the configuration files for hosting multiple websites. I finally gave up and started researching free open source multi website control panels.

I finally found my solution for an easy hosting control panel, called ISPConfig. I had used cPanel for years. However, cPanel requires a monthly subscription.

ISPConfig is one of the first free open source hosting control panels I tried. The installation can have quite a bit of a learning curve. Depending on what Linux distribution you install, you might end up using the ISPConfig installation script.

This installation script requires that you answer some web hosting technical questions. You will need to know and understand how a website actually works on the server end. Once you are able to successfully install ISPConfig 3, then this web hosting control panel could be classified as easy.

ISPConfig is just as easy to use as cPanel. However, there is a lack of documentation as the developers require that you purchase the user manual. I was able to find most if not all of my questions answered on their public forums.

I was able to configure and maintain two wordpress websites for four years. I was able to configure email as well. ISPConfig has a web based administrator interface.

Need Online Computer Technical Support? Ask a Computer Technician and Solve Your Computer Problem Now.

Most if not all tasks that you can complete in cPanel can completed in ISPConfig. You can access the live online demo for free. You can even demo the administrator interface.

With anything that is new, their will become a learning curve. However, once you familiarize yourself with the web based interface, you will be up in running in no time. I actually because of a lack of money, had to abandon my business class internet and thus my own physical web server.

I am paying very little for a virtual private server currently. I tried installing ISPConfig with a quick installer. However, it failed and I decided to install Centos web panel.

However, I am considering installing ISPConfig 3 again. I was in a bit of a rush to move three websites from a yearly shared hosting plan. I would just need to provision my virtual private server again and restore all three websites.

ISPConfig 3 has four major sections where you maintain your website(s).

* sites
* email
* domain name system
* virtual server

Also, you can actually use ISPConfig 3 to resell web space. You just create separate clients. I was pleasantly surprised with the ease and speed of maintaining a web server.

Most major tools are at your finger tips so that you can maintain multiple websites. Installing WordPress is straight forward. Initially, I had installed ISPConfig 3 on a minimal version of Ubuntu server.

However, when I recently tried installing it, I was using a minimal server version of Centos. This could be the problem. Creating email inboxes was simple.

Also, you can create catch all inboxes with ISPConfig 3. Adding an Internet protocol address is simple as well. Many tasks like adding domains and sub domains only require a couple of mouse clicks.

I was able to maintain multiple websites with ISPConfig quite quickly just like I had before with cPanel. ISPConfig 3 supports the following Linux distributions:

* debian
* ubuntu
* centos
* fedora
* open suse

There is a separate billing module that you can purchase if you want to become a web hosting seller.

HP Photosmart 335 Software – Installation Instructions

Another request on a third party website where I earn supplemental income answering computer and technology related questions. This request deals with printers. I almost never like dealing with printers.

Basically, the only printer issues I deal with are new printer installs and installation of printer software. Here is the original request:

“I am trying to install an installation disc on my computer, and it is saying contact my administrator. HP photosmart 335.”

Here is my response. What operating system are you using? For example Microsoft Windows 7, 8, or 10.

You can download that HP Photosmart 335 software for your printer. This Hewlett Packard printer supports Microsoft Windows 2000, Microsoft Windows XP, Microsoft Windows Vista, Microsoft Windows 7, Microsoft Windows 8, and Microsoft Windows 10 operating systems. You notice how I did NOT waste time fucking around trying to help them get the software installed from the CD-ROM?

I cut to the chase and offered them a download. When you browse that link above, your computer operating system should be detected. If it is NOT, make certain you choose the operating system you are using.

You can click on “Change”. Expand “driver product installation software” and you should see your software download. Newer operating systems like Windows 7, 8, and 10 might not have a software download. This is one of the few times I have run across a Hewlett Packard printer installation where you first connect the printer and then allow Microsoft Windows to load a driver.

Make certain you choose the correct version of software if their is a download available. X86 32 bit or x64 64 bit download. If your operating system does NOT have a download available, then you can install it by first connecting your Hewlett Packard Photo Smart 335 printer to your computer.

Need Online Computer Technical Support? Ask a Computer Technician and Solve Your Computer Problem Now.

Once you finished downloading the installer, double click it to begin the printer installation. Follow the on screen prompts and do NOT connect your Hewlett Packard printer until instructed. If you do NOT see a printer download this means you must add your printer from with in Microsoft Windows operating system.

Connect your printer to your computer with a universal serial bus cable or through your local network so that Microsoft Windows operating system can detect your printer during this print driver installation. Now you want to open up “Add a printer” wizard. You can find this wizard in “Control Panel”.

Now you want to test the driver installation. Try to print a test page. Also, try to perform a test scan.

If all goes well and the driver installed successfully, then you should be able to both print and scan. These instructions were written for Microsoft Windows 2000, Microsoft Windows XP, Microsoft Windows Vista, Microsoft Windows 7, Microsoft Windows 8, and Microsoft Windows 10 operating systems. These are general instructions pointing you to the right direction.

As long as you know how to browse to “Control Panel” you should be able to follow a long. You can always type in “control panel” without quotes into a search bar in which ever Microsoft Windows operating system you are using, if you do NOT know how to browse to control panel directly.

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Windows 10 Update and Restart – Not Working Fix

Another Microsoft windows 10 update problem. This time Windows 10 update and restart functionality would not work for this individual. I received another request on a third party website where I answer computer and technology related questions to earl supplemental income.

This individual has a Dell Inspiron 15 with Microsoft Windows 10 operating system. A couple weeks ago I scheduled and completed a Windows update. This time I can’t close the computer unless I choose either update and shutdown or update and close.

I tried both but it does not update. It closes or restarts without updating. Here is the original request:

“My computer is not doing updates. I click update and restart or update and shutdown, but it is not updating.”

There are so many problems with Microsoft Windows 10 updates, that I do NOT know where to begin. As a computer technician that makes a living fixing computer problems, Microsoft Corporation is NOT a legitimate technology company. This company just uses millions if NOT billions of dollars to seduce their customers with marketing tactics.

Anyways, I am sure you browsed here looking for a solution. I was able to fix this problem, by performing standard troubleshooting. The first thing I noticed is that McAfee antivirus trial had expired.

Antivirus software can and will interfere with Microsoft Windows 10 updates. This software was removed since it was expired. I checked to make sure that the Windows 10 firewall was turned on.

Also, I noticed in “Services” that the “Windows Update” service was set to manual. Now on my Microsoft Windows 10 computer I have updates disabled and Windows Update service set to manual. That is because I control when updates are installed and I have to manually install them.

However, I have NOT had a problem where a Windows 10 update and restart does not work. Microsoft Windows 10 updates would NOT install via update and shutdown either. You can type the following into a “Run” box, to get into services.


Scroll down until you see “Windows Updates”. I would recommend setting this to “Automatic” to try to fix this problem. Double click or right click “Windows Updates” and then choose “Properties”.

Need Online Computer Technical Support? Ask a Computer Technician and Solve Your Computer Problem Now.

From a “Startup type” drop down menu, you want to choose “Automatic”. Click on “Apply” and then click on “OK”. Also, on this particular computer I noticed that this wuauserv service was NOT running.

You want to start this service by clicking on “Start”. You want to make certain that this service starts successfully. If it does not then Microsoft Windows updates will not install correctly.

On this individuals computer, this service started successfully and I was able to configure it to “Automatic”. You can always go back and change this setting to manual again, after these updates install successfully. This individual never told me that they changed it to manual themselves.

When it comes to fixing issues remotely, I prefer to complete my troubleshooting tasks before a restart. I ran one iteration of a system file check. Type this command into a command prompt with administrator rights:

sfc /scannow

Also, since the McAfee antivirus trial software had expired, I ran a quick virus scan with Windows Defender. Windows Defender did NOT find any infections. Windows Defender is free software and is already installed with Microsoft Windows 10 operating system.

As part of my routine troubleshooting, I ran a malware and spyware scan with my preferred spyware removal tool. No malware or spyware objects were found with this tool. Finally, I ran Cleaner and Registry scans with my preferred PC optimization tool.

I asked the individual to restart their computer to try to trigger the Microsoft Windows 10 Updates installation. I have NOT heard back from them since. This normally means I fixed their most common computer problem. Hopefully, you were able to fix this Windows 10 update and restart not working problem.

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TP Link TL-WN881ND – Wireless PCI Express Windows 10 Install

I recently purchased a TP Link TL-WN881ND wireless card. This wireless card is designed for desktop computers. It came with two short 2 decibel antennas.

I purchased this wireless adapter at a local computer store. I just needed a basic wireless adapter for one of my office computers. The packaging does NOT stipulate that this device is compatible with Microsoft Windows 10 operating system.

However, I quickly installed this on a quad core computer with Microsoft Windows 10 operating system installed and low and behold this device was detected. This is a 802.11 N wireless adapter. This wireless adapter included a CD-ROM disc, quick installation guide, and technical support guide.

Also, included was a bracket so that you could install this wireless adapter in a small form factor personal computer. This TP Link TL-Wn881ND is compatible with Microsoft Windows XP, Microsoft Windows Vista, Microsoft Windows 7, and Microsoft Windows 8 operating systems. Also, both x86 32 bit and x64 64 bit operating systems are supported.

This wireless adapter has a PCI express interface, which is another reason why I purchased it. This device supports up to 300 megabits per second, which I have never been able to obtain. However, the installation on a computer with Microsoft Windows 10 operating system installed, was a breeze.

You can install this wireless card in a PCI peripheral component interconnect express X1, X4, X8, and X16 slots. I had already verified my Gigabyte motherboard had a vacant X1 PCI express slot. For testing purposes I installed the two short 2 decibel antennas that were included.

I did NOT have to install the supplied drivers. Microsoft Windows 10 operating system had loaded a Qualcomm Atheros AR9287 driver. I was able to connect to an xfinitywifi access point with in seconds.

This PCI peripheral component interconnect express wireless adapter connected at 144.4 megabits per second which is quite normal for these types of wireless cards. I have never been able to connect at 300 megabits per second. Some individuals claim that most wireless 802.11 N cards never will connect at 300 megabits per second.

Over all I was quite pleased with how easy it was for me to install this TP Link TL-WN881ND wireless adapter in Microsoft Windows 10 operating system. The signal strength was not the greatest with the supplied antennas. I received only two to three bars.

There can be many reasons why the signal strength is this weak. TP Link’s official web page claims that Microsoft Windows 10 operating system is not supported. However, I proved otherwise. The weak signal could have been do to wireless interference in this building.

Also, these two 2 decibel antennas are replaceable. I tested the signal quality with an xfinitywifi broadcast identification. I currently do NOT have broadband or digital subscriber line Internet access.

I have an older Belkin MIMO G wireless router and I receive a strong wireless signal from that router. Perhaps the fact this wireless G router is in the next room, could be the reason. You can purchase longer and higher decibel TP-link wireless antennas.

I was NOT able to find out what the highest decibel antenna that this TP Link TL-WN881ND wireless adapter card will support. However, I have seen nine decibel antennas listed on their official website. An antenna upgrade could possibly help create a stronger wireless signal.

You might want to make certain that an antenna upgrade is compatible with this TP-Link wireless card before you purchase.

TP Link TL-WN881ND – Wireless PCI Express Windows 10 Install Video Transcript

Ultra video putted te I just want to

make this quick video installing this

tp-link PCI Express adapter it’s a 300

megabit per second it only supports

wireless and I went to a local computer

store as you can see I paid $25.99 for

it and I just need some quick so I can

have wireless n they didn’t have any AC

Wireless cards and so I just picked this

the price isn’t too bad tp-link and they

included a small generic box that just

has this is a bracket that you can

install this is for a smaller case those

really you know small then computer

cases I’m trying to install it in a

cooler or master I have a cooler master

this is a quad core with a gigabyte

motherboard and you have to kind of

excuse my mess but I’ve got a lot of

wires here this is this is the you know

for a smaller type computer so this

isn’t going to work and then there was a

quick installation guide that came in

the box a little technical support and

then there was the drivers now I might

not need the drivers disc the Box says

it supports up to Windows 7 I’m running

Windows 10 and then there were two

really small antennas I have I have

longer antennas that I probably will

hook up you can do that you just have to

it’s just physics it just depends on

what size you know what the the greatest

length you can use but as long as the

connections are the same and I’ll go

through that in video and then here’s

the card itself as you can see on the

box it’s just got basic stuff but on the

side it tells you did it I know on one

side on this side it says I think you

might be able to see it it says that it

supports Windows 8 7 Vista XP

now I’ve noticed with Windows 10 older

devices work out of the box so we shall

see and here’s the card itself it came

in this anti-static bag but it’s just a

simple it’s it this isn’t a x1 it’s an

it’s a PCI Express card and actually the

box says it supports PCI Express 2.0 PCI

Express slot X 1 X 4 X 8 or X 16 now the

x1 are real small and you can see it on

the motherboard sorry for the lack of

lighting but you see this the white slot

delight slots right there that’s x1 you

see the blue one that’s x16 that’s

either X 8 or X 16 but so this will fit

so what I’m going to do is I’m just

gonna then also I have to press down on

this tab so then this releases these

these covers let’s see if I can I have

to see I’m trying to do this without

moving my computer so that’s what I’m

doing it this way oh you press up that’s

right you press up and you lift out now

I took the blank out this was factory

installed you just twist them I don’t

want to remove them do you see this one

blow rate let’s see

I gotta get put right here you just

press down on it and you just kind of

twist them back and forth and Nick right

here and they come out but I don’t want

to remove that one so I’m going to just

slide in the card I don’t need to add

that additional connector will drive it

it’s the wrong way so you just slide it

in and you just there it slides right

there and it’s flush and then I’m going

to screw it down I always screw down

then what you do wants you to screw it

down you just move this lever back and

you just make sure it’s tight and that’s

it so this will be the end of this part

that they’ll speak three separate parts

but one video

adios ultra video put a decoy on back so

as you can see I have the TN wireless

card installed and now I just need to

connect the radial antennas now you see

how small they this these are these are

very small but I have larger ones right

here I’ve got I think this is like five

Need Online Computer Technical Support? Ask a Computer Technician and Solve Your Computer Problem Now.

five inches or something like that and

this is really long I think this is nine

inches this one will fit believe it or

not see the end it’s the same connector

and see they all have the same

connections but for now what I’m going

to do just to get this working on and

install the two ones that are provided

but later on I’m going to test these

this is from an old Alfa device that

these are both from an Alfa device but

they’ve got the same connections so you

just screw in the antenna you just do it

one at a time and they’re just real


and then they twist these aren’t very

good because they’re River they’re small

but you can always whatever will fit and

whatever the card supports you can

always upgrade so I’ve got two obviously

one is super large but at least I can

replace one with with one of these that

it’s longer it’s about five inches of

six inches something like that okay so

that’s it

so then I’m going to come back and I’m

going to boot up Windows 10 we’ll see if

it works right out of the box a Jules

Oh tribute letter – oh I’m back so to

try to finish this installation of this

tp-link TL w and eight eight one and D

it’s a three hundred megabits per second

Wireless and PCI Express adapter

supports eight seven vista XP it also

supports PCI Express one what is it 1 4

8 and 16 all right so let’s see in

Windows now what I want to do is I want

to unplug my Ethernet cable because I’ve

got that I was using a router so we’re

going to unplug the ethernet cable and

we’re going to see if this will work

right are the Box open network in all

right then we can see

change adapter settings there’s the

Ethernet there’s the qualcomm atheros AR

90 287 wireless network adapter and

we’ll see if it will connect show

available networks

oh so windows loaded the driver for it

now I use Xfinity Wi-Fi so we’re going

to connect to this and we’re just going

to see if it’ll connect I’ve connected

there before so it should have my

credentials but we’ll see if right out

of the box that okay wants me to login

that’s fine we’re almost there I will be

right back I just need to login and then

I think this will work be right back I’m

back as you can see I’m on the internet

so my extent any Wi-Fi credentials were

accepted and then we can go we can go to

youtube and I’ll just show you

it’s working now this was on Windows 10

64 bit professional and I have

coolermaster case and a gigabyte

motherboard and what we can do is we can

go back here and we can look at the

speed I think we can look at we can look

at the properties and see what it’s

connecting at I guess it has Qualcomm

after os– a are 92 87 chipset I guess

and what we can do is there should be a

we should be able to look at the where’s

that at

Oh status so look look at the speed now

this is a 300 megabits per second device

is connected at 144 the signal quality

isn’t very good that could be why it’s

only connected at 144 but that’s I think

technically end speed that’s the slowest

and speed I think 300 megabits per

second is the fastest but as you can see

it’s connected to Xfinity Wi-Fi I’m

happy with that I’m not happy with the

signal quality but what we can do is the

details you know got an IP address blah

blah what I do I have my own caching

name servers that’ll help a little bit

and I’ll change I’ll change it to my

local caching name server and my little

anyways not to digress about that so I’m

okay with that right now so out of the

box as you can see it works now the

other thing what we can do is drivers

I’ll look for Windows 10 drivers that

can affect your connection signal

quality believe it or not because the

hardware needs to know how to talk to

the software meaning the operating

system and if it’s just you it looks

like Windows 10 has drivers for but I’m

going to still go out to tp-link and

then I’m going to look for drivers for

TL w and 88 1 and D for Windows 10

hopefully they have Windows 10 drivers

if not you know what I’m saying

for now I think this will be functional

let’s see what can we do I don’t want to

play a youtube video because I don’t

want to get a copyright strike but just

a test also look at look at the the

antennas look how small they are I mean

those those aren’t very good you’ll have

to excuse all my wires but I’ve got a

longer one and I’m going to test this

one I’m going to even try to hook this

guy up and I might make a video in till

until you that helps but what we can do

is we can close out of this now and I’m

trying I’m just trying to test what can

we do to test speed I don’t want to play

a video though but because you’ll get a

copyright you can get a copyright strike

I’m trying to think what what we can do

here on the Internet

how about we’ll just look up my weather

for my weather forecast how about that

but I didn’t have to drive load any


it is not the blazing staff that that

could be the DNS servers because right

now I’m using Comcast’s and quite

frankly I’m not impressed with theirs

but I mean we can go back to YouTube

and it seems ok let’s just scroll down

in it’s not the best but it could be the

DNS it could be the drivers so we’ve got

some work to do but out of the box it

worked on Windows 10 and I’ll let you

know I might make a second video maybe a

review video this is just the

installation video and I’ll go over and

I’ll let you know did one of my other

antennas help you know I’m saying where

is that the drivers was it the DNS

servers ideals

Windows Password Reset and Recovery – Utility With Instructions

I recently received an in person computer repair customer. There request was pretty typical. They wanted me to try to reset their Microsoft windows password.

This is a return customer of mine. They brought me a Gateway all in one computer with Microsoft Windows 7 operating system. This blog post is NOT written for hackers or thugs that stole a computer and now need access to it.

This blog post was written for real people not able to login to their Microsoft Windows account. You will need either a CD-ROM or USB flash drive. Then you will need to download the most recent version of offline Windows password & registry editor. This is my preferred Windows operating system password reset utility.

Amazingly, this software is free. As of the time of this blog post creation, version 140201 is the most recent one available. Once you download this software, which is eighteen megabytes in size, to your computer, you will then need to decompress this zip file.

Now you will have access to the 140201.iso file. You can then burn this .iso to a boot CD-ROM or USB flash drive. This tool is designed for both x86 32 bit and x64 64 bit operating systems. This windows password reset and recovery tool is compatible with Microsoft Windows XP, Microsoft Windows Vista, Microsoft Windows 7, Microsoft Windows 8, Microsoft Windows 8.1, and Microsoft Windows 10 operating systems.

This utility is actually a Linux program. I am loving the irony here. Anyways, you boot off your CD-ROM or USB flash drive that you just created.

On some computers you may need to adjust UEFI or SATA controller types. For example the first time I had to switch from SATA IDE from SATA AHCI in the basic input output system. Also, you may have to change the boot order in your computer basic input output system.

You can always choose to start your computers boot menu. For example Dell and Gateway computers have an F12 boot menu where you can pick which device to boot from. You will be present with a Linux “boot:” prompt.

For most instances you do NOT need to perform anything else. Just let the Linux operating system boot. You will be presented with any Microsoft Windows partitions. Look for one that is labeled “BOOT”.

For example:

/dev/sda1 BOOT

Most likely this is the partition where your passwords are saved. If you have more than one partition choose the BOOT partition, by either hitting enter or choosing a number that corresponds with it.

Now you select the registry path which is normally:


Now choose option 1 which is “password reset (sam)”. You will actually be blanking your Microsoft windows user password. Then you will choose 1 “Edit user data and passwords”.

Now, look through the list of usernames. For example:

01f4 Administrator ADMIN
02c7 pamela

You will need to enter the hexadecimal number in the very first left hand column to choose that user. For example type in the following for pamela:


Hit the enter key after typing in 02c7. Now you choose option 1 “Clear (blank) user password”. You should receive a “Password cleared!” message.

Now type in q or hit enter. You will be asked if there is something to save. Type in Y to save your changes.

You can now press Ctrl Alt Delete to restart your computer. This free offline windows password reset tool is fool proof. This tool almost always works on the first try, at least for me.

You should now be able to login to your Microsoft windows account without a password. In this case you would click on pamela an viola you have now learned now to reset your Microsoft windows password.

items, 0, 3); // specify first and last item

This Computer Does Not Have The Necessary USB Software Support

Another computer problem in the world order. This time a bit of a strange problem at least in my opinion. I received another request on a third party website whereby I earn supplemental income answering computer and technology related questions.

Here is this request:

“I have an HP PhotoSmart Premium printer. I had it connected to my printer wireless – NEVER VIA a USB. Geek Squad cleaned up some corrupt print files and deleted the HP Print Center which sits on my PC.

When I try to install from a download or original disk, it say “you don’t have appropriate USB drivers”. HELP please.”

This is an ugly error message. However, I was able to install the HP Solution Center software successfully. This individual owned a C309N Hewlett Packard printer.

For whatever brilliant idea, Hewlett Packard now ships a USBready.exe tool that is supposed to test your computer for USB compliance. However, this is NOT an isolated incident of people receiving this error. It is NOT exclusive to just one model of HP printer either.

You are supposed to browse to the most recent temporary file for the HP Solution Center installation. Type in the following into a run box on Microsoft Windows operating systems. This individual had a Lenovo computer with Microsoft Windows 7 operating system.


This should take you to the Temp folder where the Hewlett Packard Solution Center install begins. A usbready.exe file gets copied to temporary space. Look for a folder that starts with 7z.

Here is an example folder 7zs1234. You want to browse into this folder and then browse to a “Setup” folder. Look for the usbready.exe file.

One recommendation is to rename this file before you click “Next” during the installation of this Hewlett Packard Solution Center software. This tactic did NOT work for me. What happened instead is that the installation program started the usbready.exe program, which caused this “This Computer Does Not Have The Necessary USB Software Support” error message.

I think this is poor development by Hewlett Packard. Did these clowns forget that many Hewlett Packard customer want to connect to their printers via wireless or blue tooth? At the very least this USB compliance test should NOT begin until after you choose the type of installation.

I was able to bypass this usbready.exe program by moving this file out of this temporary folder. Then I clicked the first “Next” prompt and sure enough this installation ignored this USB compliance test. Also, you could just delete this usbready.exe file.

Maybe I did NOT rename this file quick enough the first time? Who knows, I do NOT know. However, the second attempt I moved this file out of the “Setup” folder under the 7z***** temporary folder. Let me warn you now that Hewlett Packard Solution Center software installs take for fucking ever.

I am talking at least an hour on average. Also, here is a gold tip. Do NOT ever hook up your Hewlett Packard printer to your computer first. Always, wait until the Hewlett Packard Solution Center install prompts you before you hook up your printer. Obviously, this was a network installation, but still this is a valuable tip.

Many Hewlett Packard customers first inclination is to hook up their newly purchased printer to their computer and away they go printing. Wrong. This can cause many problems when you do install the Hewlett Packard Control Center software.

The installation gets confused because Microsoft Windows would have already loaded a printer driver. Anyways, you should be able to perform a network installation now that you have bypassed this ridiculous usbready.exe fiasco. Also, I have an older HP office jet 7410 all in one printer and the Hewlett Packard Solution Center install interface looks almost the same accept thankfully this usbready.exe program is not included with that install.

One final note before I run into the ether. This usbready.exe program was included with the installation CD-ROM that came with this Hewlett Packard C309N all in one printer. Unfortunately, the downloadable version of this software also includes this usbready.exe file.

What you could possibly do is copy the contents of the CD-ROM into a folder on your hard drive. Then browse I think to the Setup folder and delete the usbready.exe file. Also, you could search for this file and delete and then try the installation and see if it skips this USB compliance test.

These instructions were written for a Hewlett Packard C309N printer make can certainly be used as a basis point for other Hewlett Printer models.

How to Uninstall McAfee LiveSafe

Another computer problem on a Microsoft Windows operating system. This time an antivirus software problem. I am not a big fan of McAfee products.

However, I earn supplemental income answering computer and technology related questions on a third party website. Here is the original request:

“I do not believe my virus protection is active. I am trying to connect setup an SSL connection and it is failing. I am getting rejected when it checks my virus software to see if is active.

I see the McAfee software says my PC is at risk”

This individual had a Hewlett Packard Beats Studio with Microsoft Windows Windows 7 operating system installed. I was able to remotely connect into this computer and fix this issue. The first thing I did was start a system file check scan with the following command:

sfc /scannow

You will need to open a command prompt with administrator rights to run a system file check. Also, I ran a spyware scan with my preferred spyware tool. This software found 9 major malware objects.

This required a restart of this computer to completely remove this malware and or spyware. Also, I used my preferred PC optimization tool. This tool found over 6 gigabytes of junk files and 1500 objects cluttering the Microsoft Windows registry.

Initially, this customer did NOT know whether or NOT their McAfee LiveSafe antivirus software was active or not. This was easy to find out as all you have to do is right click the McAfee software icon in your task bar and then choose “Verify subscription”. Their McAfee LiveSafe virus subscription was active.

However, the real time virus scanner was NOT and would NOT activate. I tried manually activating this service via services.msc to no avail. Also, I could NOT start a virus scan, as that would fail.

I tried reinstalling McAfee LiveSafe antivirus on top of itself but that did NOT fix these problems. I ended up recommending that this customer login to their McAfee account. Sure enough their subscription was indeed active for multiple computers.

Also, you can reinstall McAfee from your online account. I then removed McAfee LiveSafe antivirus successfully by entering “Programs and Features” on Windows 7 operating system. Highlight McAfee LiveSafe and then choose “Uninstall”.

It is really that simple. This computer needed to restart to completely remove this software. I was not able to remotely connect again as the remote software password changed.

I tried contacting this customer twice and they failed to respond. Many Americans, and this was an American, are extremely selfish and rude. Anyways, usually on this third party website whenever a customer is silent, most likely means I helped fix their problem.

Now all you have to do is login to your McAfee LiveSafe account, download and reinstall McAfee LiveSafe. There was actually a “Reinstall…” link when this customer logged in earlier. These instructions were written for a Hewlett Packard computer with Microsoft Windows 7 operating system.

You can certainly use them as basis point to install McAfee LiveSafe antivirus software on other computer hardware and Microsoft Windows operating systems.

Phishing Email Examples – That You Should be Aware of

I received an extremely suspicious email recently in my inbox. This email message circumvented my junk mail filters. This alone caused me to get moody real quick.

However, this email was so obviously NOT a legitimate email message for many reasons. Most major banking institutions do NOT send out emails asking you to confirm your banking records and to sign on. This should always be a clue to you to steer clear away from this type of email message.

When in doubt, just fucking delete the email message. I included a screen capture image of this email for this blog post. Here is the exact email message that I received in my inbox:

Your Wells Fargo Response Required

Wells Fargo Online

06/02/2018 5:01 PM

From Wells Fargo Online
Subject Your Wells Fargo Response Required

Dear Wells Fargo Customer,

We recently have determined that different computers have logged onto your online Banking account, and multiple password failures were present before the logons. We now need to re-confirm your account information to us. If this is not completed by 72 hours, we will be forced to suspend your account indefinitely, as it may have been used for fraudulent purposes. We thank you for your cooperation in this manner.

To confirm your online Banking records click on the following link: Sign on

Thank you for your patience,
Wells Fargo Customer Service.

What gave this email away as a phishing expedition, at least to me was the From portion of this email. Obviously, bgeary@lmiaerospace.com is NOT a Wells Fargo corporate email address that I am aware of. Also, when you hover over the “Sign on” you get this hyper text transfer protocol link:


This obviously could NOT be a legitimate Wells Fargo corporate website link could it? Obviously, this is a fraudulent email message. As a computer technician here some tips when dealing with potentially fraudulent email messages.

I actually started laughing out loud when I saw the From field. This is a very sloppy phishing email message. Also, as a mostly raw food vegan I take offense to phishing, er I mean fishing?

Anyways, phishing emails are phonetically the same pronunciation as fishing. This term means that perpetrators on the Internet are phishing for sensitive information from you. Email address, username, password, transmission control protocol internet protocol address, etc.

Some of these emails also include links to web pages with adware, malware, spyware, and viruses. Even ransomware can infect your computer with a fake phony email message like this one. When in doubt, do NOT click on any web links included in a message.

You might want to take these types of email messages more seriously. The dangerous part is when you voluntarily give out sensitive information. For example your username and password to your banking website.

That is exactly what this con artist wanted me to freely volunteer. Fool me once, fuck you, fool me twice, fuck me. You can always mark these types of messages as Junk and or Spam.

You may end up not receiving legitimate email messages in your inbox. Obviously, it is up to you how you proceed with these types of email messages. I am a busy individual so normally, I just mark them as spam.

Also, I do NOT normally sign up to email newsletters, email lists, etc. Me personally, I do NOT consider emails from banking institutions as important, with the exception of a few types. My banking institution actually on more than one occasion alerted me to unusual activity with my online banking login.

I had to even change my password the first time I visited that website after receiving this alert. This is another tip, when in doubt do NOT allow yourself to become curious enough to click on links with these types of call to actions:

* Log in
* Sign in
* Verify password
* Verify account information

Instead, if you think it maybe a legitimate email message, browse directly to that website instead. I will never spam you or ask you to verify your account information at AnetComputers.com out of nowhere. However, you could just open a web browser and directly type in AnetComputers.com into the address bar.

This way you can rule out any potentially nefarious hyper text transfer protocol links in an email message. Here is another tip, do NOT click on any attachments in an email message if you are in doubt to the validity of the email message and sender. This email message did NOT include any attachments.

However, quite a few email messages that are of the phishing type, will include attachments. The attachment could be adware, malware, spyware, virus, or another way to obtain sensitive information from you. That attachment could actually be a keystroke logger, that will log all your keystrokes on your keyboard and send that information back to the perpetrator.

I am NOT fear mongering Per se. I am giving you real world examples of what can happen if and when you open a unscrupulous email message. Do NOT become another victim of a phishing expedition.

Finally, what you can do is to begin to study these email messages. You may not know it but most email systems including web based email gives you the ability to view the source of an email. You can possibly find out the perpetrators real email address.

Although there is a way to spoof this an remain anonymous. You can even potentially find out the transmission control protocol internet protocol address of the perpetrator. Also, by you looking for patterns, you can learn how to spot these phishing emails, sooner and before you make the mistake of clicking on attachments or any web links.

When in doubt do NOT open a suspicious email message. When in doubt do NOT open any attachments. I recently received three email messages that were obvious fakes, claiming they were from some department of the United States government.

I am NOT a fan of the United States government military. However, it was obvious these phishing emails were fraudulent as they asked me to enter in a supplied password in order to open the included attachment. Fool me once…

If out of curiosity you open one of these phishing emails, you may want to perform a spyware scan immediately. Make sure your firewall is turned on.

Windows 10 Crash Repair – Instructions

Another Microsoft Windows 10 problem in the world order. This time an individual needed help with a constant crashing Microsoft Windows 10 computer. This individual submitted their request on a third party website where I earn supplemental income answering computer and technology related questions.

Here is their initial request:

“My computer continues to crash over and over no matter what I am trying to do, also when I try to send an email I get a message back that my own email is marked as spam! Help please!!!!”

Here is my response:

Also, if you have not done so already you might want to run some malware, spyware, and virus scans. I can recommend and give you instructions for some spyware and virus tools. You can download my preferred malware and spyware removal tool for free.

Make sure that program is updated before you run a scan. I was able to remotely connect to this computer and perform the following maintenance. I ran a malware and spyware scan.

Five major malware objects were found. This required a restart of Microsoft Windows 10, in order to completely remove these objects. This computer did NOT have third party antivirus installed.

However, Windows defender was updated and functional. I did NOT run a virus scan because one had already been performed earlier that morning, when viewing the Windows defender log. I ran one instance of an system file check scan.

In order to perform a system file check, you will need to open a command prompt with administrator rights. Then you want to type this command verbatim into the command prompt. Press enter and a system file check scan will begin.

sfc /scannow

I did NOT schedule a chkdsk scan because this computer needed a restart to remove the malware objects completely. This individual did NOT complain of anymore crashes. However, this did NOT fix the email messages being marked as spam.

Here is my tip to try to rectify their email being marked as spam problem. You might want to start using the new version of Gmail. I noticed your using the older version of gmail.

You would log into your Gmail account and start using the new version of it. Also, you could try using a different web browser and see if that fixes the problem. This individual did NOT respond back claiming their email is still being marked as spam.

When email providers like Gmail, upgrade their email systems, it is advisable to begin using their newest email system. Sometimes email providers like Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail, etc. allow you to use their older web based email systems. Also, a quick test of a web based email system, is to use a different web browser.

If you see the exact same problem, in this instance, your email messages being marked as spam, then that rules out it being web browser specific. I am suspicious it is because they are using an older instance of Gmail. If you are still NOT able to rectify a crashing Microsoft Windows 10 computer, then I would highly suggest you run a check disk scan.

You will need to open up a command prompt with administrator rights. Then you want to type the following command and press enter.

chkdsk c: /f /r

Next, you want to type Y for yes when notified that the file system is in use. You will then need restart your computer. Do NOT touch the keyboard.

A check disk scan should begin in about 10 seconds. This is a full comprehensive scan that can take hours to complete. There are five total stages and eventually your computer will restart and boot Microsoft Windows 10.

If check disk scan does not begin, you can go ahead and issue the check disk command again. Remember, you must type this command into a command prompt with administrator rights. This blog post was written for a Microsoft Windows 10 operating system, but can certainly be used as a basis point to try to perform Windows 10 crash repair on other Microsoft Windows operating systems.

Logitech HD Laptop Webcam C615 – Compatible With Macintosh?

Another request from a third party website where I earn supplemental income. This individual wanted to try to get a Logitech HD laptop webcam C615 to work on a Macintosh computer. This is the initial request:

“I have a Macbook Pro laptop I’m trying to connect a Logitech webcam and headphones so i can teach online. Nothing is being recognized. I don’t know what to do.”

Technically, the Logitech HD Laptop Webcam C615 is NOT supported for newer Macintosh operating systems. The latest software download is dated 04/13/2011. Also, it only supports Macintosh operating systems 10.5-10.6 which would be Leopard and Snow Leopard respectfully.

This individual had Macintosh operating system 10.13.3 which is High Sierra. Even though this Macintosh operating system is NOT officially supported I was able to get this webcam to work. Actually, this individual had already performed most of the work, by the time I was able to remotely connect to their Macintosh computer.

Here is my response:

Make certain you close any programs that can access your webcam. Also, close any previous installation attempts.
It might be easier just to unplug your webcam. Restart your MAC and connect your webcam.

I was able to go into Macintosh system properties, by clicking the Apple Macintosh icon and then choosing “About this MAC”. I scrolled down and looked under “USB devices” and Camera. A Logitech C615 was listed as being detected.

You can download Logitech HD Laptop Webcam C615 software. This software was successfully added to the Applications folder. However, every time I would open up this Logitech software it would tell me that “This webcam is currently in use by another program. Please reconnect”.

This was a false positive error of sorts. I think this error is an indication that software like Facetime may have been open or opened. I advised this individual to restart their Macintosh and see if this error disappeared.

They did NOT want to since they wanted to make sure they were in contact with me. I think it is possible that other Macintosh software was open or did NOT close properly that had access to this Logitech C615 webcam. I was able to go into both Facetime and Photo Booth applications and choose the Logitech C615 webcam.

In both programs the webcam functioned correctly. Also, I was able to select the Logitech headphones successfully. All, you do is change the webcam video source and audio source.

Even though officially this webcam is NOT supported in High Sierra it still works. Perhaps that is why you will get that “…currently in use…” error. Who knows, I do NOT know as this individual never restarted this Macintosh, while I was helping them.

Here is a gold tip, research your hardware purchases before you buy them. I think this individual had already purchased this webcam and was just trying to extend the life out of it. However, if you are thinking of making a hardware purchase, ALWAYS find out what types of computer hardware and operating systems are supported.

You can save yourself a lot of time and potentially money, if not your fucking sanity.