5G Cellular Network – Launch Planned by AT&T

American Telephone and Telegraph plans on rolling out America’s first 5G cellular network later this year. Initially twelve cities will have access to this 5G mobile network. AT&T would become the first American corporation to offer 5G service.

Perhaps United States corporations like American Telephone and Telegraph should provide better, more reliable, and faster 4G networks first before venturing off on making a new 5G network. It is well known that other countries provide far faster and superior 4G networks. Anyways, AT&T plans on rolling out their shiny new 5G mobile broadband network in late 2018.

These twelve cities plus an additional thirteen cities allegedly will become the first guinea pigs, er I mean customers:

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* Atlanta
* Austin
* Boston
* Bridgeport
* Buffalo
* Chicago
* Fresno
* Greenville
* Hartford
* Houston
* Indianapolis
* Los Angeles
* Louisville
* Memphis
* Nashville
* New Orleans
* Oklahoma City
* Pittsburgh
* San Antonio
* San Diego
* San Francisco
* Tulsa
* Oklahoma
* Sacramento

The above twenty three cities include some that are part of AT&T’s 5G Evolution technology. American Telegraph and Telephone claims that their 5G network will have reduced latency. We shall see if that is hyped up marketing or actually computer networking reality.

Last year AT&T tested 5G in these select cities:

* Austin, Texas
* Waco, Texas
* Kalamazoo, Michigan
* South Bend, Indiana

No word yet on how much this 5G Cellular Network service will cost for an average customer. Also, no word yet on what hardware manufactures will have 5G capable dumb devices, I mean smart devices produced to work with AT&T’s 5G network. Are these 5G mobile broadband services going to include limited or unlimited bandwidth?

Will AT&T start throttling speeds like so many current mobile broadband companies perpetrate?