Adobe Acrobat Reader Download – For Microsoft Windows

I successfully answered another question on a third party website, where I earn supplemental income. Here is the customer’s question:

I have a computer with Windows Vista Home Premium as the operating system. Recently I typed on some forms I downloaded from a web site. I saved them, thinking they were going to my documents.

Here they went to PDF. When I tried to reopen them it says I need to install Adobe acrobat, which I have tried to do many times without success. The Adobe site offers no help.

How can I download the version of Adobe Acrobat so my PDF files will open? Also how can I transfer them from PDF to the my documents folder?

I remotely connected into this customers’ computer and fixed their problem. They had Adobe Acrobat 8.1.2 partially installed. When you tried to run Adobe Acrobat reader it prompted a reinstall that failed.

I went into “Control Panel” and then selected “Programs and Features”. I removed Adobe Acrobat reader successfully. Also, I ran both “Cleaner” and “Registry” scans with my preferred computer optimization tool.

As an example, this Microsoft Windows Vista Home Premium computer had over 5 gigabytes of unnecessary files on their computer. Also, over 1500 registry items were cluttering up this computer. I often run a computer optimization program after removing software.

Microsoft Windows Vista is no longer supported by Adobe. However, I manually downloaded a Microsoft Windows XP service pack 3 setup from the official Adobe Acrobat Reader download page. When I visited that page from the customers’ Microsoft Windows Vista home premuim computer I was given the option to choose what operating system was installed.

Most times that download page will automatically detect your operating system. I included a link above to an “Other Versions” link for Adobe Acrobat reader. You must then choose which operating system you are using.

Under “Step 1” choose which operating system under a drop down list. In this case since Microsoft Windows Vista is NOT supported, choose “Windows XP SP3”. Under “Step 2” select your language, for example “English” from a drop down list.

Finally, under “Step 3” select a version of Adobe Acrobat Reader you want to install. In this case I was only given the choice of downloading “Reader 11.0.08 English for Windows”. You can uncheck an “Optional offer”.

Click on “Download now” button on right hand side. This will now prompt you to download Adobe Acrobat reader 11.0.08 installer to your computer. Double click this executable to run.

This installer still has to download and install the full version of Adobe Acrobat Reader 11.0.08. I was able to successfully install this software on my customers computer.