Android Nougat – Causing Nexus 6P Battery Issues and Bootloop

There are thousands of Nexus 6P smart phone owners that are complaining of boot loop, battery drain, and device shutdowns. These users noticed these problems occurring after upgrading to Android Nougat which is Android version 7. Even beta versions of Android 7 Nougat are wreaking havoc.

This device Nexus 6p is basically one year old. Unexpected shutdowns are occurring at different battery charge percentages. Google has not officially admitted there is a widespread issue with Android Nougat and Nexus 6P.

A Nexus 6P thread has been created to document this issue. A Google Android issue tracker has been created for Nexus 6P shutdown before battery discharge problem. Google has given this a small priority issue, even though thousands of Nexus 6P owners are complaining of this problem on the Internet.

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People at Google are aware of this issue and have been offering return merchandise authorization replacements for in warranty devices. However, they have not yet publicly admitted that an Android 7 Nougat upgrade is a culprit. Also, some users have claimed that upgrading their Nexus 6P to Android Nougat bricked their device.

These smart devices have been rapidly discharging. Some devices are stuck in a bootloop. Some of these Nexus 6P are powering off anywhere from ten percent battery life to seventy percent battery life.

Many users are forced to keep this device plugged in. Some users claimed that either wiping system cache has cleared up this issue or resetting their device back to factory. This Nexus 6P I think only comes with a one year warranty.

Another possible solution is to contact your credit card company and see if they have extended warranty coverage on new smart devices. You will need to contact your service provider or place of purchase to get this unit return merchandise authorized.

Also, this device will most likely need to still be under warranty to get it replaced.