AOL Company – Discontinues AOL Instant Messenger

AOL Company also known as America Online Incorporated has decided to discontinue their AOL instant messenger service. For twenty years this free instant chat messaging system was used by millions of users.

AOL Company is discontinuing AOL instant messenger on December fifteen two thousand seventeen. This free instant chat service was created in nineteen ninety seven. On December fifteen two thousand seventeen you will no longer be able to sign in and use this service.

America Online will NOT be replacing this free chat software with any other software or service. AOL Company also plans on removing download links before this date. America Online is not retiring their email service.

You will still be able to send and receive email with your account. You will not be able to export and save your America Online instant messenger buddy list. Any and all data associated with AIM will be deleted after December fifteen two thousand fifteen.

You will be able to save your images and files. First, login to your AIM account. Open a chat with the buddy that you want to save data from.

Click on an image or file that you would like to save. This image or file will open in a new web browser tab or window. Right click on an image, then select “save” to save it to your hard drive.

Some web browsers may prompt you when you try to save files or just begin to download them. By default AOL instant messenger enbales chat logs. You will be able to save your chat logs, as long as you had chat logs enabled.

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You will not be able to save chat logs if you or a buddy used the “Go off the record” option. To save chat logs in AOL instant messenger, by clicking the drop down menu in upper right hand corner. Then you choose “Open Chat Log”.

You will be able to view and save your chat logs in this manner up until December fifteen two thousand seventeen. After this date you will NOT be able to view your chat logs by signing in to AOL instant messenger. The following applications can be used to save and view your chat logs:

* aim app on android and iOS
* windows aim 8 and later
* macintosh aim

After December fifteen two thousand seventeen, you will be able to access your AOL instant messenger chat logs located on your local hard drive. Do NOT delete AIM 8 software or else you will delete your chat logs. On a Microsoft windows computer, click into a search bar in Windows.

Type “AIM Logs” without quotetations into this search bar and press enter. Wait for those search results to complete. An AIM Logs folder shows up as long as you had logs enabled.

Double click this folder or select it. Look for and double click on your folder with your screen name ie. johndoe. Look for a screenname(s) or groups on your buddy list to view those saved conversations. Double click on screen name folders to open them.

These chat logs will NOT get deleted until you manually delete them or you remove AIM 8 software. Inscructions for Macintosh is similar. Click on a spotlight search icon.

Type in “AIM Logs” without quotations into a search bar. If you had chat logs enabled you will see an AIM Logs folder. Double click on this folder.

Look for your screen name and double click on this folder. You will see a file for each screen name on your buddy list with a chat conversation. These chat logs will remain until you manually delete them or you remove AIM 8 chat software.