Apple FaceTime Application – Responsible For Vehicle Fatality?

A vehicle crash on Christmas eve two thousand fourteen has led to a more recent lawsuit. This lawsuit is not directed towards someone directly responsible. Apple is being sued by the Modisette family.

Apple’s Facetime application is pre-installed on all new iPads and iPhones. This lawsuit stipulates that this application should have been disabled during this accident. This family points out a fact that this video chat application has an ability to detect motion via integrated accelerometer and global positioning satellite system.

“Yet Defendant Apple, Inc., failed to configure the iPhone 6 Plus to lock-out the ability for a driver to utilize Apple’s FaceTime application, while driving at highway speeds,”

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Apple has not responded to inquiries pertaining to this lawsuit yet. Is Apple really liable for not enabling some kind of automatic detection system? One potential problem of creating such a feature is inadvertently disabling a persons phone service.

Also, passengers in vehicles, taxis, buses, light rail, etc. could have applications disabled. There have been individuals using Pokemon Go that become involved in vehicular accidents. Individuals texting and driving have been charged accordingly.

One child died in this traffic accident. A male individual that was using Apple’s FaceTime application at time of accident has bailed out of jail and is awaiting a pending trial later this year. He was using an Apple iPhone 6 plus.

This lawsuit also blames Apple for not creating a warning system built into their FaceTime video chat application. This feature would warn individuals using FaceTime while they were moving via motion detection. Is this a frivolous lawsuit and is Apple really responsible?