Apple Pay Cash – Available on iPad, iPhone, and iWatch

Apple Pay Cash has now been officially released. You can making payments using your Apple iPad, iPhone, and or iWatch. You can send and receive money with your family and friends.

You can even make these payments within your messages. Also, you can use Siri to assist you with making Apple pay cash payments. You will need an Apple pay account.

However, if you already have an Apple pay account, then you can use any debit and credit cards associated with that account. You do NOT need to create another Apple account. Also, you do NOT need to install any other applications.

Not only can you pay your friends and family, but you can also make payments at retail stores, applications, and websites that support Apple pay cash. In order to use Apple pay cash on your iPad or iPhone, you must install iOS 11.2 update. Apple watch OS 4.2 must be installed on your iWatch in order to make Apple pay cash payments on your iWatch.

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These two Apple updates are free to download and install. You need to restart your device after these update(s) are installed. If you have not used Apple pay before you will be prompted to accept new terms and agreements.

You will NOT need to install any new applications. You can access your Apple pay cash information from within Apple Wallet. Apple pay cash payments are authenticated with face identification on the iPhone X, touch identification on other iPhone and iPad models, and via a secure passcode on Apple iWatch’s.

These are the following compatible Apple pay cash devices:

* iPhone se
* iPhone 6 or later
* Apple watch
* iPad professional
* iPad fifth generation
* iPad air two
* iPad mini three or later

When you send and receive payments, this money is removed or added to your Apple pay cash card which is accessible in Apple wallet. Also, you can transfer this money to your bank account.