Apple Releases iOS 9.0.1 Update For iPad iPod iPhone

Apple Incorporated announced today September twenty four two thousand fifteen an iOS update version 9.0.1. Apple just recently released a major iOS version nine on September sixteen two thousand fifteen. However, there were some issues with that major version that are rectified with iOS 9.0.1.

This update is available for Apple iPad, iPod, and iPhone devices. Also, this 9.0.1 update is available for newer iPhone 6s and 6s Plus devices. This update rectifies four bugs:

* Fixes issue where by some users couldn’t complete setup assistant after installing updates
* Fixes issue where by alarms and timers failed to play
* Fixes issue in Safari and Photos where paused video caused that paused frame to look distorted
* Fixes issue where by users with a custom Access Point Name setup via their profile would lose cellular data

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System requirements for this Apple iOS version 9.0.1 update are as follows.

* iPhone 4s or newer
* iPad two or newer
* iPad mini or newer
* iPod touch fifth generation

This iOS 9.0.1 update is available via Over The Air and iTunes. This update is thirty five megabytes in size. If you have “Turn on Always Update?” set to enabled then this update will install automatically. If you don’t have Automatic Software Updates enabled then you can install this and future updates via a badge in your Apple menu or by opening App Store and clicking on updates in a toolbar.