Apple Virgin Mobile Phones – With Unlimited Service Just $1

Virgin Mobile USA is providing unlimited service plan for just one dollar. You must purchase a new iPhone from them to get this offer. You will receive unlimited data, talk, and text for just one dollar per month for an entire year.

This deal expires on July thirty first two thousand seventeen. Also, you must sign up for automatic payment to receive this offer. Following are iPhones you can purchase to receive this discount:

* iPhone 6
* iPhone 6s
* iPhone 6s plus
* iPhone SE
* iPhone 7
* iPhone 7 plus

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These phones range anywhere from $279.99 to $769.99. After this one year period, your monthly unlimited service fee will change to fifty dollars per month. Another caveat is that you must transfer your an existing workable phone number.

If you are a current Virgin Mobile customer, you can upgrade to an iPhone to obtain this offer. Taxes are added to your monthly service fee. There are additional restrictions.

Customers whom use more than twenty three gigabytes per month, may have bandwidth restrictions during network congestion.