April Fool’s Day – Comet to Pass Near Earth

Believe it or not a real comet is supposed to pass closest to Earth on April Fools Day. I do not know if this an April Fools Joke or not. Comet 41P Tuttle Giacobini Kresak is supposed to fly by Earth on April first.

This comet was first noticed in eighteen fifty eight. This comet is around thirteen million miles away. You will be able to view this comet with binoculars and small telescopes until mid April.

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This comet will be in far northern sky if viewing from Northern Hemisphere. Look for it in Ursa Major constellation and near handle of big dipper around 9 PM Eastern time. This is when it is supposed to be closest to the earth.

You can find out more information about this April fools day comet and even watch it Live.