Ashley Madison – Online Married Dating Website Hacked

An Internet website was hacked recently. This website has in excess of 37,610,000 anonymous members until now. Many of these anonymous users data has been released publicly.

The Impact Team has claimed responsibility. They stole database, financial, and proprietary information from Avid Life Media, which runs Avid Life Media’s chief executive officer, Noel Biderman, confirmed their website had been compromised.

Hackers divulged company server maps, employee account information, bank account information, and salary details. This comes less than two months since hackers stole millions of account information from another dating website, This hacking entity even released an extensive manifesto.

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One reason they claim for this private data release, was because this website promotes adultery and infidelity. Another reason given is that they claim is not being truthful when promising their users full removal of their profile for nineteen dollars. The Impact Team claims “full delete” that promises does not scrub members data.

Also, The Impact Team has threatened Avid Life Media to release all hacked information if and another website, are not shut down. The Impact Team left a lengthy graphical message once they compromised this website. This cheating website for married people accrued over thirty seven million members mostly from Canada and United States.

CEO Noel Biderman speculates a person with connections to one of his contractor’s or employees was responsible. Earlier this morning this CEO released a statement stipulating Avid Life Media has secured this website and closed any possible entry points. One wonders if this hacking entity will go through with threats and release anymore data that they had obtained.