AT&T Mobility – Unlimited GoPhone Prepaid Plan

American Telephone and Telegraph released an unlimited data, talk, and text plan. This unlimited service is exclusive to their GoPhone prepaid smart devices. You must sign up for automatic payment.

Your monthly charge will then become sixty dollars per month. This company offers another plan for forty dollars a month, after automatic payments are enabled. This plan includes six gigabytes of high speed data.

Unlimited GoPhone customers will receive three megabits per second maximum speeds. This speed will stream 480p video. Video will stream at a maximum of 1.5 megabits per second. You will not be charged for overages.

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AT&T will slow down your speed once you reach twenty two megabytes of bandwidth usage. This company claims they will only slow down your speed during network congestion. This plan does not include a contract.

You will not incur any additional charges if you travel to Canada and Mexico with your device. The six gigabytes bandwidth per month plan for $40 is also a contract less plan. You don’t need to pass a credit check with this plan.

Speeds are reduced to 128 kilo bits per second if you go over your six gigabytes per month.