Barnes and Noble – Nook Tablet 7″ Power Adapter Recall

Barnes and Noble Booksellers Incorporated have issued a power adapter recall. This recall is specifically for their Nook Tablet 7″ devices. Power adapters for these devices can break when plugging them into an electrical wall outlet.

This can potentially expose metal prongs, possibly causing a shock hazard. Barnes and Noble is issuing free replacement power adapters along with a five dollar gift card. You will need to register online.

Once registered you can print a pre paid United Postal Service label. Then obviously you will need to send your Nook Tablet 7″ power adapter, back to Barnes and Noble. Barnes and Noble will then mail you a replacement power adapter.

While waiting for your replacement power adapter, you can charge your Nook Tablet 7″ by connecting a USB cable to your computer. You can contact Barnes & Noble at 877-886-5025 from 8 AM to 11 PM Eastern Time, Monday through Friday, or 9 AM to 11 PM Eastern Time on Saturday and Sunday. Also, you can browse to

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Click on “Product Recalls” at bottom of this page and then select “NOOK Tablet 7” Power Adapter Recall“. One hundred forty seven thousand power adapters are being recalled. This black power adapter has model number TPA-95A050100UU with a manufacture date of 201610. The Nook Tablet 7″ model number with these power adapters is BNTV450.

Barnes and Noble claims that four incidents have occurred with these power adapters breaking, exposing metal prongs. No injuries have been reported. These Nook Tablet 7” were sold between November two thousand sixteen and January two thousand seventeen. This was a voluntary recall.

You can begin an online registration process to obtain a replacement power adapter. You will need to login with either a Nook or account. Also, you will need to enter in serial number from your power adapter.

You can find your serial number on original box, receipt, or bottom back side of your Nook Tablet 7″.