Barnes and Noble’s – Nook 7 Shipping With ADUPS Spyware Program

Barnes and Noble have been selling Nook 7 tablet computers with a spyware program. This program is called ADUPS which is actually a third party company. This company gathers data off this tablet computer quietly.

ADUPS was pre-installed on these devices. These Barnes and Noble Nook 7’s are not manufactured by Samsung, but actually a third party. Chief Barnes and Noble digital officer Fred Argir is aware of this software and claims that Nook 7’s are safe to use.

He stipulated that his company will be creating a future software update to remove this ADUPS spyware program. Nook 7’s run Google’s Android operating system. Google claims that this ADUPS passes their security requirements.

A Linux Journal report addressed an issue where by ADUPS was monitoring how this device was being used without permission. ADUPS claims that they released a newer version of their software that does not report back to any servers. They claim that ADUPS installed on Nook 7’s is an older version.

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You can test to see if your Android has ADUPS spyware with a free program called Debloater. This program works on both Microsoft Windows and Apple Macintosh computers. You do NOT need to root your Android device.

Once installed configure your device for “USB Debugging” mode. Connect your Android device to your computer with a USB cable. Start Debloater listed as “Gatesjunior developer” and then select “Read device packages”.

If ADUPS is installed then you will see two ADUPS programs listed.You can disable this spyware by selecting ADUPS entries on left with a check and then clicking apply. This should disable this program until Barnes and Noble releases an update to remove this software.