Best Atari 2600 Games – Atari Cartridges Sell For Over $100,000

A small New Mexico town named Alamogordo, went on a recent excavation project. This was not your typical excavation. Their treasure was some old Atari twenty six hundred game cartridges.

These Atari game cartridges were allegedly buried in a local landfill after a nineteen eighty three video game crash. Individuals in this town decided to look for these cartridges last April of two thousand fourteen. They found a plethora of old Atari 2600 video game cartridges.

A total of eight hundred and eighty one were salvaged so to speak. This town sold them on auction site This netted them a grand total of one hundred seven thousand nine hundred thirty dollars.

This averaged out to one hundred twenty two dollars and fifty cents per cartridge. Allegedly, buyers from Australia, France, Brazil and Singapore purchased these cartridges. Shipping costs totaled over twenty six thousand dollars.

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Sixty five thousand thirty seven dollars will be paid to the city of Alamogordo, New Mexico. The Tularosa Basin Historical Society will receive sixteen thousand two hundred fifty nine dollars. Atari 2600 video game titles included E.T., Pac-Man, Ms. Pac-Man, Pele’s Soccer, Yar’s Revenge, Baseball, Centipede, and Warlords.

One E.T. video game cartridge sold for one thousand five hundred thirty five dollars. This was the most valuable cartridge out of them all.
One hundred of these video game cartridges were given to film makers and twenty three were given to museums.

This city has an additional two hundred ninety seven cartridges they are holding in an archive. These are being held until a possible later sales date.