Best Internet Browser For Windows – Mozilla Firefox For Windows 10

Mozilla today released their Firefox web browser for Microsoft Windows ten. This web browser has a new look and is designed for safer add on extensions. You can either upgrade to this version of Firefox or download from Mozilla.

By default, Microsoft Windows ten has enabled Microsoft Edge web browser as default web browser. Mozilla Firefox for Windows ten has ability to choose Firefox as your system default web browser or restore this setting. Mozilla has created a certification process for add on extensions to their web browser.

This is supposed to make add on’s safer. With this web browser for now, any add on extensions that are not certified by Mozilla will show a warning but will NOT become disabled. However, in future any Firefox add on extensions that are not certified will automatically become disabled.

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Starting with Mozilla Firefox web browser version 40.0 support for Microsoft Windows ten is included, that was released on August eleven two thousand fifteen. This web browser has built in malware detection. Also, you can move and personalize tabs now.

Some other new features are included as well as some security fixes. Some features are only developed for Linux. Minimum hardware requirements for this Windows ten capable Firefox web browser are:

* Pentium four or later central processing unit that supports SSE2
* 512 Megabytes Random Access Memory
* Two Hundred Megabytes Hard Disk Space

To run Windows ten a single cored processor of one gigahertz or faster and one gigabytes memory is required. You can find out all these details about Mozilla Firefox 40.0 with Windows 10 support.