Broadband Telephone Service – at Your Finger Tips

Are you looking for broadband telephone service? You can obtain business and or residential voice over Internet telephone service quite easily. All you need is a broadband Internet service provider.

Cable and DSL Internet service are both sufficient. With broadband telephone service, you can save money on your monthly and or yearly telephone costs. You can make unlimited telephone calls for less than $10 per month.

You receive all these options with your broadband telephone service.

  • Unlimited Telephone Minutes
  • Voicemail Service
  • Caller Identification Service
  • Call Waiting Service
  • Two Telephone Lines
  • Broadband Telephone Equipment
  • Free International Calls

You may be eligible to receive a free year of broadband telephone service. Purchase two years with a prepayment and receive your second year of service absolutely free. Monthly service is available for less than $20.

Get two unlimited phone lines for the price of one. Don’t forget your chance, at a second year for free. Sign up now for only $189 per year.