Phishing Email Examples – That You Should be Aware of

Phishing Email Examples

I received an extremely suspicious email recently in my inbox. This email message circumvented my junk mail filters. This alone caused me to get moody real quick.

However, this email was so obviously NOT a legitimate email message for many reasons. Most major banking institutions do NOT send out emails asking you to confirm your banking records and to sign on. This should always be a clue to you to steer clear away from this type of email message.

When in doubt, just fucking delete the email message. I included a screen capture image of this email for this blog post. Here is the exact email message that I received in my inbox:

Your Wells Fargo Response Required

Wells Fargo Online

06/02/2018 5:01 PM

From Wells Fargo Online
Subject Your Wells Fargo Response Required

Dear Wells Fargo Customer,

We recently have determined that different computers have logged onto your online Banking account, and multiple password failures were present before the logons. We now need to re-confirm your account information to us. If this is not completed by 72 hours, we will be forced to suspend your account indefinitely, as it may have been used for fraudulent purposes. We thank you for your cooperation in this manner.

To confirm your online Banking records click on the following link: Sign on

Thank you for your patience,
Wells Fargo Customer Service.

What gave this email away as a phishing expedition, at least to me was the From portion of this email. Obviously, is NOT a Wells Fargo corporate email address that I am aware of. Also, when you hover over the “Sign on” you get this hyper text transfer protocol link:

This obviously could NOT be a legitimate Wells Fargo corporate website link could it? Obviously, this is a fraudulent email message. As a computer technician here some tips when dealing with potentially fraudulent email messages.

I actually started laughing out loud when I saw the From field. This is a very sloppy phishing email message. Also, as a mostly raw food vegan I take offense to phishing, er I mean fishing?

Anyways, phishing emails are phonetically the same pronunciation as fishing. This term means that perpetrators on the Internet are phishing for sensitive information from you. Email address, username, password, transmission control protocol internet protocol address, etc.

Some of these emails also include links to web pages with adware, malware, spyware, and viruses. Even ransomware can infect your computer with a fake phony email message like this one. When in doubt, do NOT click on any web links included in a message.

You might want to take these types of email messages more seriously. The dangerous part is when you voluntarily give out sensitive information. For example your username and password to your banking website.

That is exactly what this con artist wanted me to freely volunteer. Fool me once, fuck you, fool me twice, fuck me. You can always mark these types of messages as Junk and or Spam.

You may end up not receiving legitimate email messages in your inbox. Obviously, it is up to you how you proceed with these types of email messages. I am a busy individual so normally, I just mark them as spam.

Also, I do NOT normally sign up to email newsletters, email lists, etc. Me personally, I do NOT consider emails from banking institutions as important, with the exception of a few types. My banking institution actually on more than one occasion alerted me to unusual activity with my online banking login.

I had to even change my password the first time I visited that website after receiving this alert. This is another tip, when in doubt do NOT allow yourself to become curious enough to click on links with these types of call to actions:

* Log in
* Sign in
* Verify password
* Verify account information

Instead, if you think it maybe a legitimate email message, browse directly to that website instead. I will never spam you or ask you to verify your account information at out of nowhere. However, you could just open a web browser and directly type in into the address bar.

This way you can rule out any potentially nefarious hyper text transfer protocol links in an email message. Here is another tip, do NOT click on any attachments in an email message if you are in doubt to the validity of the email message and sender. This email message did NOT include any attachments.

However, quite a few email messages that are of the phishing type, will include attachments. The attachment could be adware, malware, spyware, virus, or another way to obtain sensitive information from you. That attachment could actually be a keystroke logger, that will log all your keystrokes on your keyboard and send that information back to the perpetrator.

I am NOT fear mongering Per se. I am giving you real world examples of what can happen if and when you open a unscrupulous email message. Do NOT become another victim of a phishing expedition.

Finally, what you can do is to begin to study these email messages. You may not know it but most email systems including web based email gives you the ability to view the source of an email. You can possibly find out the perpetrators real email address.

Although there is a way to spoof this an remain anonymous. You can even potentially find out the transmission control protocol internet protocol address of the perpetrator. Also, by you looking for patterns, you can learn how to spot these phishing emails, sooner and before you make the mistake of clicking on attachments or any web links.

When in doubt do NOT open a suspicious email message. When in doubt do NOT open any attachments. I recently received three email messages that were obvious fakes, claiming they were from some department of the United States government.

I am NOT a fan of the United States government military. However, it was obvious these phishing emails were fraudulent as they asked me to enter in a supplied password in order to open the included attachment. Fool me once…

If out of curiosity you open one of these phishing emails, you may want to perform a spyware scan immediately. Make sure your firewall is turned on.

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Apple Mail – Not Working After Upgrading MAC OS Potential Fix

I recently upgraded a customers’ operating system from Macintosh Yosemite which is 10.10 to El Capitan which is 10.11. Everything went smoothly, until the customer could NOT use their Apple mail. Here is their response after this upgrade:

“Aaron, I know you are sleep now, but when you are back at your computer please let me know how to get my e-mail to work. Since the El Capitan was installed, I can’t get my e-mail to respond at all. When you click on mail it is completely blank.


Here is my response to this perplexing situation. Make sure that Apple mail is not opened, before changing these settings. In the dock, Apple mail should not be highlighted.

You could reboot your MAC to make sure that Apple mail is not opened. Try the following steps. Quit Apple mail.

Open “System Preferences” then choose “Internet Accounts”. Click on the email account you are having trouble with and turn off “Mail”. Turn “Mail” back on again. Now open Apple mail.

Initially, this did NOT fix this Apple mail problem. However, I think the customer must have performed the proceeding steps a second time. They were then able to successfully access their email.

“The things you told me must have worked. I’m getting both of the e-mails now. You always know just what to do. Thank you. What state are you in?”

Operating system upgrades are NOT always a picture perfect venture. That includes Macintosh operating system upgrades. Thankfully, only one issue was caused by this Yosemite to El Capitan upgrade.

However, not being able to access email might be a major crisis for some Macintosh users. Also, believe it or not this was the first solution I presented to this customer. It may appear as if I have all the answers for computer problems.

I researched this problem and tried to target it to problems after Macintosh operating system upgrades. I do NOT always fix problems with the first solution presented. However, when I do fix problems the first go around, it validates perhaps my use of logic.

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Yahoo Email – Account Security Issue Affected 1 Billion Users

I recently received an email message from Yahoo concerning an alleged security issue. I first noticed this message by accessing my Yahoo email account via my HTC 626S Android. When I accessed my Yahoo email account via a web based interface on a desktop computer, I received a “Your account may have been affected by a security issue. You can read about the issue and how to further secure your account here” popup message.

I was reluctant to open a link in this email message on my Android. However, this popup message had a link to a Yahoo security notice dated from December fourteen two thousand sixteen. Yahoo Incorporated claims that one billion Yahoo account email users were affected.

A third party stole data associated with these email accounts. However, Yahoo claims that they have not been able to identify footprints of this intrusion. This incident allegedly took place in August two thousand thirteen.

This is a separate issue that was reported by Yahoo on September twenty second two thousand sixteen. Yahoo required email users to change their passwords after this incident. Security answers and questions that were not encrypted have been invalidated.

Information that may have been stolen includes:

* Names
* Email addresses
* Telephone numbers
* Birth dates
* Hashed passwords using MD5
* Encrypted or not encrypted security questions and answers

Information that was not stolen includes:

* Clear text passwords
* Payment card data
* Bank account information

Yahoo was given what appeared as data stolen from a third party, by alleged law enforcement. This data was then analyzed by third party forensic experts hired by Yahoo. This is when Yahoo concluded that this data breach occurred in August of two thousand thirteen.

Yahoo recommends changing your password and or security answers and questions. However, if you decide to delete your Yahoo email account, these accounts get recycled. What this means is that after a year or so somebody else will be able to user your old email address.

If you used this email address for password resets, then that other individual may be able to access important user information. You may want to just hang on to your Yahoo email account but not use it for important emails such as password resets.

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Email AntiSpam – Save Time Filtering Out Spam From Your Email Box

A constantly increasing amount of spam messages in your inbox can be a real problem. Every day that you spend precious time cleaning your inbox manually, takes away time from other activities. And that problem may only get worse in a future, because sending spam is cheap and simple.

With just one click of a button, a spammer can reach hundreds of thousands of addresses quickly. No matter how low of a response rate, there are always people who will respond to an offer. Most spam filters need training by a user, from marking messages manually as spam over a couple of days.

A filter then learns what words and combination of words are regarded as spam, and which ones are not considered spam. Spammers might know this, and are always trying to get around filters. Spam messages many times include genuine text besides a spam message.

This increases a ratio of good text to bad text in a message, which lowers a particular score of a message so that individual spam message is identified as genuine. After marking these messages as spam, a filter is then poisoned with harmless genuine text. This can lead to new legitimate genuine messages being identified as spam, or so called false positives.

False positives can be even more annoying to a user than an actual spam message. When a number of false positives gets too high, a user might regard that filter as useles and even turn it off. If you are tired of using precious time filtering out spam from your inbox, you might want to download Caretaker AntiSpam or similar software.

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Gmail POP3 – How to Access Horde Mail Within Your Gmail Account

Today I will be walking you through step by step process of configuring your Horde web mail settings for use within your Gmail account. If you haven’t already once in Gmail go to “Settings” then click on “Accounts and Import” tab. Click on “Add POP3 mail account you own” if you want to just check your Horde mail within your Gmail account.

Follow some prompts by entering your full email address ie. Enter your Horde username. You may need to use your full email address ie. as your username, including @ symbol and domain.

Enter your Horde password. Select a check next to “Leave a copy of retrieved message on the server” if you don’t want to download your Horde email into your Gmail account. Enter your correct “POP Server” mail server ie.

Select a correct port number for mail server ie. 110. Default port 110 should work, but try any of some other ports in a drop down list if you know all other email settings are correct. Click “Add Account”.

Also, you can send email as your Horde email account via Gmail. Select “Yes, I want to be able to send mail as” radio button for this option or select “No (you can change this later)”. Click on “Next Step”.

Enter information about your other email address such as “Name” and reply to “Email address:”. Click on “Next Step”. Select “Send mail through your SMTP server?” settings.

You can choose to send email through Gmail or through your domain SMTP servers. You will need to enter your “SMTP Server” ie., username, password, and port number, if you choose to send email through your domain SMTP server. Click on “Next Step”.

You will be asked to verify your email address if you wish to send your email through Gmail. Click on “Send Verification” to have the Gmail system send you instructions via email for a verification process. You are now setup to receive and send your Horde email via your Gmail account.

These instructions were created for use with accessing your Horde email account within Gmail, but can certainly be used as a basis for other types of webmail accounts.

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Email Using – Possible Quick Fix to Access Your Email Again

You know some Internet lines were affected because of a weather storm, but you have not been able to access your e-mail all day long. Even now you are still unable to access your e-mail, yet you have been able to access the web, Facebook, etc. You have shut down your computer a few times.

You disconnected and re-connected your Internet modem. You can try clearing your DNS cache. In a command prompt type in “ipconfig /flushdns” without quotes.

Sometimes on Windows computers a local DNS cache is not flushed properly. This cache is supposed to get cleared when shutting down your Windows based operating system ie. Windows XP, Vista, Seven, Eight, Ten. Manually flushing your cache can potentially fix an issue where you cannot access certain Internet protocols.

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Web Based Emails – How to Access Your Email From Anywhere

How can you access your e-mail from a different location other than your personal computer? You can use your Internet service provider’s web mail utility. Sign in with your Internet service provider user ID and password.

You will be able to access your Internet service provider’s email from any computer with Internet access and a standard web browser ie. Internet Explorer and Firefox. If you want to access your company or organization email anywhere with an Internet connection, then It depends on if your company or organization has web mail configured. If they do, then depending on what kind of email server software they are using, then yes I would say with a standard web browser like Firefox or Internet Explorer that this is possible.

Please try accessing your email via You may need to include with your username when trying to login. Also, asking your company or organization email administrator if they have web mail access is recommended.

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Hotmail Access – How to Gain Access to Your Hotmail Account

Hotmail Access

You cannot log into your hotmail account. It says that you (or someone) has tried to log in too many times with a wrong address or password. You have tried resetting your password and still keep getting blocked out, even with a newly reset password.

How can you get help and do what ever you need to do to get into your Hotmail account? You have reset your password numerous times. Also, you have changed your settings to allowed cookies.

You can contact a support agent via this account password recovery Windows live page. If you have been unable to recover your account by answering your secret question and or via an alternate email address then click a “Continue” button. You will be asked for a current email address that you can be contacted at and answers to some questions about your account.

A support agent then will contact you directly and will help you try to recover your account.

Hotmail Access

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Earthlink Dialup – How to Access Your Earthlink Email Over DSL

Earthlink Dialup

You just upgraded your Internet service to DSL. You had dial-up with Earthlink and now you can’t retrieve your old emails or send out those ones still waiting on hold. What do you do?

You can access your Earthlink email via their web based interface. You need to dial into your Earthlink account to access your email with desktop client email. If you try to access it over your DSL connection for security reasons they might block access.

It should be accessible with their web based mail system over your DSL.

Earthlink Dialup

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Mail Windows Live – How to Reset Windows Live Mail Password

Mail Windows Live

You can not sign in to Windows Live mail with a password given to you. You need another password so that you can open your old e-mail. You may have lost all your e-mail addresses with Windows Live mail.

You can try to sign in to your mail windows live account via a web based interface. If you still have your wrong password then click on a “Can’t Access Your Account?” link. Hopefully, you will be able to reset your password and then be able to access your windows live email account from your desktop client.

You will have three options to choose from:

* I forgot my password
* I know my password, but can’t sign in
* I think someone else is using my Microsoft account

You will need to select one of these options and then click “Next”. A first option is “I forgot my password”. To get back into your account they can help you reset your password and security info.

First, you will need to enter your Microsoft account and some captcha characters shown. Then you will click “Next” to proceed. A second option you can select is “I know my password, but can’t sign in”.

Mail Windows Live

Make sure to enter in your exact email address ie. and then click “Next”. You will need to enter your Microsoft account and some captcha characters shown and click “Next”. A third option you can select is “I think someone else is using my Microsoft account”.

You can optionally select from a drop down list a reason you think someone is using your account. Either click “Next” or select an optional reason and then click “Next”.

Options available are:

* Someone else is sending email from my account
* I see unusual sign-ins on my recent activity page
* Someone told me that my account has been hacked
* Purchases are showing up on my account that I did not authorize
* Other (please explain)

Once again you will need to enter your Microsoft account and some captcha characters shown. Hopefully, you will now be able to access your windows live mail account.

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