Tmobile News – Adds Call Data Text to Canada & Mexico For No Charge

T-Mobile Corporation announced yesterday that they would add calls, 4G LTE data, and texts to Canada and Mexico to their existing Simple Choice customers for no additional charge. Simple choice becomes the first and only Continent wide wireless plan. This service is named “Mobile without borders”.

Current Simple Choice customers will not need to incur further expenses to get this service. This includes both land lines and mobile customers with voice and data. Calls from and or between Canada, Mexico and the United States of America, beginning July fifteen two thousand fifteen will connect without any additional charges. As long as you have either a land line or mobile Simple Choice service.

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Calls, data access, and texts work no matter what part of the continent of North America you reside in. Also, this includes Music Freedom and Wi-Fi calling features. All Simple Choice prepaid and postpaid T-Mobile customers are eligible for this upgrade.

New customers will automatically obtain Canada and Mexico services. Existing customers can opt-in to this upgrade online, via phone, or in person at a T-Mobile store. Business customers can upgrade their service for free for their first ten phone lines.

Each phone line beyond that costs one dollar per month. Currently their Simple Choice plan costs $50 fifty dollars per month. You can check out T-Mobile’s Simple Choice plan as well as their official news release about their mobile without borders service.

Samsung Galaxy Update – Find Device Keyboard Vulnerability Patch

Samsung keyboard vulnerability risk exposed. This affects over six hundred million plus devices worldwide. Over six hundred million Samsung mobile devices have been affected by a significant security risk on many Samsung models, including a recently released Galaxy S6.

This risk comes from pre installed keyboard, that allows an attacker, to remotely execute code as a system user. This flaw was revealed by a NowSecure security researcher. Samsung was previously notified of this flaw in December of 2014.

Given a seriousness of this issue, NowSecure notified CERT whom notified the Google Android security team. If this flaw in your mobile keyboard is exploited, an attacker could remotely:

* Access sensors and resources like GPS, camera, and microphone
* Secretly install malicious applications without you knowing
* Tamper with how other applications work or how your phone functions
* Eavesdrop on incoming and outgoing messages or voice calls
* Attempt to access sensitive personal information like your pictures and text messages

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Samsung Galaxy Update

While Samsung did begin to provide a patch to mobile network operators in early two thousand fifteen, it is not known if those carriers have provided this patch to those devices on their network. In addition, it is very difficult determining how many mobile devices remain vulnerable, given information about device models and number of network operators globally.

You can review this technical detail for this security vulnerability at this NowSecure blog post. Also, you can find out if your Samsung Galaxy device is on this list of vulnerable devices. Finally, here are some quick tips so that you can prevent any security problems:

* Avoid using any insecure wi-fi networks
* Use a different model mobile device
* Contact your carrier for patch information

Mobile Mi – How to Retrieve Your Mobile Me Login Information

You have forgotten your Mobileme user name and password. Is there a way to retrieve this information? You can use Apple’s password retrieval utility.

You will need to enter in your Apple ID. Also, you can click on “Forgot your Apple ID?” link to try to retrieve your Apple ID. You will need to enter in your first name, last name, and current email address.

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You can either change or reset your Apple ID password. Mobileme is precursor to Apple iCloud. Users had a choice whether or not to transition to iCloud.

Your Mobileme account is still active according to this Can I use my MobileMe account for Apple services without moving to iCloud Apple support article updated on January twenty seven two thousand fifteen.

Interactive Droid – How to Sync Gmail on Your Motorola Droid

You recently exchanged your Blackberry Tour for a Droid Incredible. You can’t get your calendar from Yahoo to sync with your Droid. Both have Verizon Wireless service.

You have tried moving your Yahoo calendar to Google. You can’t even get a Google calendar to sync with your Droid. When you get an Android phone, first thing you have to do is sign into your Gmail account with your phone.

When you’ve signed in, it begins a process of syncing your Gmail, Gcal calendar, and contacts to your phone for first time. It takes about 5 minutes depending on how many messages, calendar items, and contacts you have. If you have more than one google account, you’ll have to decide which account you want directly connected to your phone.

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Please use your Android’s Gmail application to access your Gmail account. If you use an HTC mail application, it won’t let you sign in without some additional configuration. That HTC mail application I think is designed for accessing other POP email accounts ie. Hotmail, Yahoo, or mail on an exchange server.

Interactive Droid

iPod Multiple Computers – How to Use iPod With Multiple PC’s

You have an iPod and an iTouch. Your iPod used to become updated on a different computer. How do I enable that new computer to update that iPod as well as an iTouch you ask?

Right now your songs on it show up “greyed out” and you can’t edit or move them around. You have iTunes on this computer but can only update your iTouch on it. If you are transferring that iPod from one computer to another that runs same operating system ie. from Windows to Windows then it shouldn’t be too tough a process.

iPod Multiple Computers

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If you are trying to transfer that iPod from different operating systems ie. from Windows to Mac then that will be more difficult. I’m not exactly sure if you just want to move that device and sync or transfer files from that iPod to that different computer, so please read Apple’s using iPod with multiple computers article. You can manually add items to your Apple iPod and or iTouch.

If you can’t manually add items to your Apple device, then there are some additional steps required. Hopefully, you are now able to use your ipod with multiple computers.

Blackberry Address Book – Unable to Download Your Contacts?

Need help downloading your Blackberry contacts? You tried following BlackBerry desktop manager software and downloaded your contacts per those directions. Some of your contacts did not download at all.

Of ones that did, their contact info i.e. phone numbers did not download. You also tried to copy my contacts to a disk and was just going to take that disk and your phone to Verizon and ask them to fix it, but copying them to a disk did not work at all. You tried again to download through Blackberry desktop manager provided by Verizon in that box that your Curve BlackBerry came in and received same problem.

Blackberry Address Book

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You can try installing a recent version of Blackberry Desktop Manager software. Also, depending on how many contacts you have and want to preserve don’t upgrade that software on an actual device unless your not worried about keeping those contacts. You may need to remove an older version and then install a newer version of that desktop manager.

You might be able to just run an installer for a newer version and it will uprade that existing version. Hopefully, after just uprading that desktop manager software, you will be able to download all your contacts successfully. These instructions were written for a BlackBerry Curve 8530 with a computer running Microsoft Windows XP, but certainly can be used as a basis for a MAC operating system and other versions of Microsoft windows.

Outlook Appointments – Appointments Missing From Your PDA?

Have you just noticed that all of your appointments and calendar events have been deleted from Outlook prior to a current month? Are you using a Blackberry or other PDA device and this has not happened before? Your archive calendar is also empty.

Are you also missing addresses from your address book? You can try to search for any and all .pst files on your computer. Outlook .pst files are archive files.

Also, make sure that you don’t have “Delete expired items” checked in your Outlook configuration settings. You can also set Outlook to automatically auto archive your events. Basically, archived items are stored in a compressed archive .pst file.

Outlook Appointments

You can’t read those entries on fly, but you can restore those archived events when needed. It’s also recommended to backup your archive .pst files if that information is important enough to you. You can check your “Deleted Items” folder in Outlook.

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Also, please check your sync settings on your Blackberry. By default some handhelds will delete appointments after 60 days old or whatever their default setting is. I think this is what makes most sense right now. Even if you can’t recover your past appointments, please make sure you check out your Blackberry settings and change them to forever or enable Auto Archive in Outlook.

I’m afraid if they are not archived or in deleted items than it might not be possible. If you configure your Blackberry and or Outlook to save or archive your items, as well as backup your archive file, if you create one, then in future you will be able to restore your items. These tips were written for a computer running Microsoft Windows Vista, Outlook email client, and Blackberry Storm PDA but can certainly be used as a basis for other windows computers with Outlook installed and synced with other personal digital assistants.

Voice Memo – Technique to Get Voice Memos Off Your iPhone

If you can’t get all of your voice memos off of your iPhone then you might want to try a following technique. You can see them in a playlist called voice memos on your iPhone, but they won’t transfer when you sync.

How to Sync a Voice Memos playlist to an iPhone:

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  1. Connect that iPhone to your computer.
  2. In iTunes, select iPhone in a sidebar.
  3. Select a Music tab.
  4. Select “Include voice memos” checkbox and then click “Apply”.

Voice Memo