Cloud Data Storage – Upload Tool Cyberduck

Cloud data storage file upload utility Cyberduck version has been released. This version includes one new feature and five bug fixes. Cyberduck allows you to upload files to cloud data storage providers like BackBlaze, Amazon S3, Dropbox etc.

* save password option in command line interface version
* machine list directory permissions parser failure
* uniform resource locator incorrect signed links
* secure file transfer protocol keychain passwords not saved
* uploaded files modification date
* private key login prompt authentication

Cloud data storage file upload tool Cyberduck is FREE and open source software. This software supports both x86 32 bit and x64 64 bit platforms. Also, this cloud data storage upload tool supports Microsoft Windows, Apple Macintosh, and Linux operating systems.

Linux is only supported with the command line version. Apple Macintosh operating system OS X 10.2 Jaguar or newer is supported. Microsoft Windows Vista x86 32 bit or x64 64 bit version or newer is supported.

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In order to use this cloud data storage software on older operating systems you may need to install an older version of Cyberduck. Cyberduck supports the following cloud data storage services.

* amazon s3
* backblaze b2
* microsoft azure
* microsoft onedrive
* google drive
* dropbox

You can upgrade this software by browsing to “Help” then selecting “Check for Update…”. Also, you can browse to “Help” then choose “About” which has a “Check for Update…” button. You will be notified that either your Cyberduck software is up to date or that a newer version is available.

Finally, you can use this software as a stand alone file transfer protocol utility to upload files to an FTP, web server, etc. Secure or secure shell file transfer protocol is also supported.