Comcast – to Roll Out Gigabit Internet to 11 Additional Cities

Comcast Corporation also known as Xfinity, is planning on adding their one gigabit per second cable sevice to eleven additional cities in early two thousand seventeen. Presently Comcast Xfinity provides gigabit Internet service to four metropolitan areas:

* Detroit, Michigan
* Atlanta, Georgia
* Chicago, Illinois
* Nashville, Tennessee

Comcast has previously stated that they are going to try to roll out their gigabit Internet service to Miam, Florida by end of this year two thousand sixteen. In early two thousand seventeen, Comcast Xfinity plans to provide this service to:

* Denver, Colorado
* Indianapolis, Indiana
* Jacksonville, Florida
* Kansas City, Missouri
* Knoxville, Tennessee
* Portland, Oregon
* San Francisco, California
* San Jose, California
* Salt Lake City, Utah
* Seattle, Washington

This gigabit Internet service includes alleged speeds of one gigabits per second download and thirty five megabits per second uploads. This service runs on their existing coax cable network. Also, you must own or rent a Data Over Cable Service Interface Specification 3.1 modem.

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Comcast’s gigabit Internet service will cost $70 per month with a three year contract. Your data use will not be restricted. However, allegedly Comcast only sells these $70 per month contract plans in areas they have existing gigabit Internet competition.

In areas where Comcast is a monopoly, Comcast is supposedly charging $140 per month with no contracts. However, with possible data usage restrictions. You may call 1-800-XFINITy to attempt to receive additional information.

Also, Comcast Xfinity has a Gigabit Pro Internet service. They charge $299.95 per month. This type of service uses fiber so will not work over their existing coax cable network.

Comcast’s gigabit pro service includes two gigabits per second download and upload speeds. This service includes potentially a $500 installation fee and $500 activation fee. Comcast claims this service may take six to eight weeks for installation if available.

Also, this gigabit pro service requires a two year contract. This is is available in twenty five markets. You can find out more information about Comcast Xfinity gigabit Internet.