Computer Mouse Pad – by Logitech Charges Mouse While in Use

Logitech has released their new powerplay charging system for wireless mice. What makes this product unique is that this wireless mice charging system is actually a mouse pad. The Logitech G903 and G703 mice include an optical sensor.

Both right and left mouse keys are programmable. This mouse pad and mouse charging system is designed to charge either mice while in use. Most other charging mice systems require those mice to remain idle.

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An energy field is created above the mouse pad to keep charging either the Logitech G903 or G703 mice. The Logitech powerplay wireless mouse charging system retails for $99.99 and will become available in August of two thousand seventeen. A Logitech G903 wireless mouse retails at $149.99 and a Logitech G703 wireless mouse retails at $99.99.

Both wireless mice are available for purchase as of June two thousand seventeen.