Computer Repair Denver

Does the thought of getting under your computer’s case frighten you? I service most major brands and can handle computer hardware and software related repairs. From memory to motherboards, I can just about fix anything.

Most repairs can be completed at my location. Price of your repair job might vary depending on extent of damage and cost of any replacement parts. I generally charge a low flat rate fee for most repairs, performed at my location.

Replacement part costs vary and are in addition to any repair fees. Also, I can peform many repairs at your location. Whether you are a residential, small business, or large company, I can dispatch to your location.

Computer Warning

Computer repair services I currently offer:

* Computer Repair
* Data Recovery
* MAC Repair
* Laptop Repair
* PC Repair
* Hard Drive Replacement
* Hard Drive Failure Diagnosis
* RAM Replacement or Upgrade
* LCD Screen Replacement
* Motherboard Replacement
* Power Supply Diagnosis and or Replacement
* Laptop Keyboard Replacement
* DVD Drive Replacement
* Video Card Diagnosis and or Replacement

Is your computer running slow or strange? Do you have malfunctioning hardware devices? Contact me to get your computer problem solved today.

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