Current iPhone OS – iOS 11 Released

Apple Incorporated announced the release of iOS version eleven at their September two thousand seventeen Apple event. This newest version of Apple’s mobile operating system will become available for download beginning September nineteen two thousand seventeen. The following hardware devices are supported.


* iPhone ten
* iPhone eight
* iPhone eight plus
* iPhone seven
* iPhone seven plus
* iPhone six s
* iPhone six s plus
* iPhone six
* iPhone six plus
* iPhone se
* iPhone five s


* 12.9 inch iPad professional second generation
* 12.9 inch iPad professional first generation
* 10.5 inch iPad professional
* 9.7 inch iPad professional
* iPad Air two
* iPad Air
* iPad fifth generation
* iPad mini four
* iPad mini three
* iPad mini two


* iPod touch sixth generation

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Any devices not listed are NOT compatible with iOS eleven mobile operating system. A new Files application allows you to browse, organize, and search your files. A new Dock is quickly accessible from any screen which allows you to quickly open applications.

You can now drag and drop files, folders, and even text from one application to another on your iPad. All of your keyboard keys are now on one screen so that you do not have to switch back and forth. You can now use Apple Pay in your messages.

With Apple iOS 11 you can customize control center. A Do Not Disturb feature is enabled while your driving. You will not receive any notifications.

Also, people that attempt to contact you will be notified that you might be driving. iOS 11 includes one handed typing. Your keyboard shrinks and keys move closer to one of your thumbs.

Finally, you can quickly import your settings from another iOS device by holding your current device close to that device. Then you just sign in with your Apple identification.