Dell Computer Service – Release Inspiron 5675 Gaming All in One

Dell Incorporated has officially announced their Inspiron 5675 gaming all in one computer. This desktop personal computer will be available for purchase beginning June thirteen two thousand seventeen. This computer includes advanced micro devices Ryzen processors, led lighting, and virtual reality capable graphics.

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This gaming computer will come shipped with Microsoft Windows ten home edition. You can purchase one of these computers with up to thirty two gigabytes of DDR4 random access memory. Select models come with a two hundred fifty six gigabyte solid state hard drive.

Other models come with hard drives up to two terabytes of storage. 7.1 channel high definition sound is included. Ports available include:

* Universal Audio Jack
* Type C USB 3.1
* Two USB
* Micro SD Card Reader
* Two PS2
* Two USB 3.0
* RJ45 Local Area Connection
* Two USB 2.0
* Audio Output

This Dell Inspiron all in one desktop gaming computer weighs around thirty pounds.