Earth – to Get Asteroid 2014 JO25 Flyby

National Aeronautics and Space Administration detected Asteroid 2014 JO25 recently. This peanut shaped Asteroid will pass by Earth on Wednesday at a little over a million miles away. This will be this Asteroid’s closest approach in four hundred years.

This Asteroid was first discovered in two thousand fourteen. Astronomers claim this will be closest to Earth that this Asteroid 2014 JO25 will pass in next five hundred years. This Asteroid is around two thousand feet wide.

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This celestial object does not pose any danger or threat to Earth. Radar at the California Goldstone Deep Space Communications Complex, detected this Asteroid.

“The asteroid has a contact binary structure – two lobes connected by a neck-like region. The images show flat facets, concavities and angular topography.”

Shantanu Naidu
NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory
Pasadena, California