Epson 4500 Printer – Not Connected to Macintosh Fix

Another computer printer problem in the world order. This time an individual was no longer able to use their Epson 4500 Printer. The original initial question is quoted verbatim below.

All of a sudden my Epson 4500 printer/scanner says it’s not connected to my Macintosh (operating system Mojave 10.14.3). It has just happened on a frantic work day. What to do?

It is definitely connected.

This is a common problem that occurs on both Apple Macintosh computers and Microsoft Windows based computers. This individual could no longer scan using the automatic document feeder. Also, this type of false positive, so to speak, problem is NOT mutually exclusive to just Epson brand printers.

This type of problem can occur with any brand of printer. When they tried to scan they also received that dreaded not connected error. This individual tried to power off both their Apple Macintosh computer and Epson 4500 printer as well as disconnecting their printer from their Apple Macintosh computer.

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You want to power off your printer. Then you want to disconnect the power cable from your wall outlet. Now disconnect the Universal Serial Bus printer cable from both your printer and computer.

Press and hold the power button on your printer for 30-60 seconds. Leave your printer disconnected from the power source for 5 to 10 minutes. Reconnect the Universal Serial Bus cable and power cable.

Power on your printer and see if it will now print and or scan. If this does not fix your problem with your printer problem, then you will need to download and reinstall the printer software and driver.

Remove all instances of your printer software from “Applications”. Remove all instances of your printer from “Printers & Scanners”. Download and install the printer software from the link below.

These instructions were written for an Apple Macintosh computer with Apple Macintosh operating system Mojave 10.14.3 installed and Epson ET 4500 printer. You can most certainly use these instructions as a basis point to possibly solve the same printer problem with the same error on other Apple Macintosh operating systems. You would just need to download the appropriate driver for your specific Apple Macintosh operating system.

Also, you can use these instructions as a basis point for troubleshooting printer not connected errors on Microsoft Windows operating systems. Once again, you would just need to download the specific driver and software appropriate for the version of Microsoft operating system installed on your computer.