Fedora Project – Releases Fedora 25 Atomic Server & Workstation

Fedora Project officially released Fedora 25 on November twenty second two thousand sixteen. This latest Linux distribution comes in three flavors. Fedora atomic, server, and workstation are now available for download.

All three Fedora 25 versions are free for public download. This Fedora 25 includes bug fixes from previous versions. Fedora 25 workstation is designed for many desktop users that might migrate from Microsoft Windows and or MAC operating system.

Fedora 25 Server is self explanatory for businesses and enterprises that wish to serve multpile users. Fedora 25 atomic replaces Fedora cloud. This is a lighter weight linux distribution.

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All three distributions will run on Advanced Micro Devices and Intel architectures. Versions are available in both x86 32 bit and x84 64 bit. You can upgrade to Fedora 25 from some Fedora distributions without downloading the full version.

Fedora 25 workstation will run on both laptops and desktops. Gnome three is a default desktop environment. Workstation includes Docker support.

Fedora 25 server is manageable via a Cockpit administrator. Postgres SQL is a default database. You can configure this server version as a domain controller with FreeIPA.

Fedora workstation is at least 1.3 gigabytes in size and will run off of a USB drive. An x64 64 bit version of Fedora server is 1.9 gigabytes in size and will run off of a USB drive. Atomic image is a 918 megabytes ISO file.