Filezilla Latest Version – 3.31 Available

Filezilla latest version 3.31.0 is available for download. This version includes some bugfixes and one new feature to this program. Filezilla 3.31 was released on February twenty third two thousand eighteen.

* trust all subject alternate names if hostname matches certificate
* directory removal crash
* transfer que crash
* osx file list not responsive

Filezilla latest version 3.31 is free open source software used for transferring files. You can use Filezilla to transfer tiles to a File Transer Protocol server for exmaple. This tool is productive for system administrators, webmasters, etc.

Filezilla supports Microsoft Windows 7, 8, 8.1, 10, both x86 32 bit and x64 64 bit operatings systems. Apple Macintosh 10.9 Mavericks or newer operating sytems are supported. Also, Linux distributions in both x86 32 bit and x64 64 bit are supported.

The Filezilla latest version can always be obtained via this static link. This free and open source file transfer program ha an automatic updater that will notify you if there is an update available. Also, you can browse to “Help” then choose “Check for updates”.

You may see a “New version available!” top menu item if an update is available. Filezilla supports the following file transfer protocols:

* file transfer protocol
* secure shell file transfer protocol
* storj cloud storage

Filezilla latest version supports many operating systems besides Mac, Linux, and Windows.

* unix
* virtual memory system
* disk operating system
* multiple virtual storage system 390 mainframe
* z operating system
* vxworks
* z virtual machine
* hewlett packard non stop
* cygwin

After perusing FileZilla’s documentation, Windows Vista is listed as still being supported. However, their static download page does NOT list Vista as being supported. I have not personally tried using Filezilla on a Microsoft Windows Vista computer.