Google Adwords Management – Editor Version 12.2.1

Google Adwords management editor version 12.2.1 has been released. I was not able to find specific details about Google Adwords editor version 12.2.1 from Google so I will cover what is new in version 12.2. However, just so you know version 12.2.1 is available for install.

There are basically nine feature changes in this version of Google Adwords management editor. Google Adwords editor is the computer version of their pay per click system called Adwords. You can bid on keywords and run advertisements on Google’s network including

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The desktop Google Adwords editor allows you to create and maintain your advertisements without using their online system. Google Adwords management editor is compatible with Microsoft Windows 7 or newer and Apple Macintosh OS X 10.7 Lion or newer operating systems. This free software is not compatible with any Linux distributions.

* gmail asset based ads support
* video ad campaigns total budgets
* custom rules update
* target locations with semantics
* promotion extension support
* audience targeting life events
* video campaign extension support
* ad groups ads rotation
* bengali, tamil, and telugu campaign languages support

You can upgrade Google Adwords management editor by simply just opening this application. You will receive a notification that there is a newer version of Google Adwords editor available. You can cancel this by choosing to get notified later.

Also, you can go ahead and choose to complete the install of the update which will restart Google Adwords editor.