Google Earth – Android and Chrome Upgrade

Google Incorporated has begun rolling out a major upgrade to their Google Earth product. This upgrade is two years in the making. For now Google Earth for Google Chrome has been upgraded with new features.

Google Earth for Google’s Android operating system will begin rolling out this week. Google Earth now includes Voyager which is a guided tour of specific destinations on Earth. I’m Feeling Lucky will take you to a random place on Earth.

Google Earth for Android and Chrome now includes a 3D button so that you can see a place from any angle. This is Home will literally show you different homes from different cultures around the Earth. Google Earth for iOS and other web browsers will roll out in future.

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In order to use Google Earth for Chrome web browser make sure that hardware acceleration is enabled. It will not work without this enabled. Browse to chrome://settings/ in a new tab.

Scroll down to bottom and click on “Show Advanced Settings”. Under “System” click on a “Use hardware acceleration when available” check box. You will need to restart chrome if your turning this feature on for first time.

You can check to make sure that WebGL is enable by browsing to chrome://gpu in a seperate tab. Look to make sure that WebGL and or WebGL2 are “Hardware Accelerated”. Now you can browse to and use Google Earth.