I Phone 8 Release

The much awaited Apple iPhone 8 will be released on September twelve two thousand seventeen. I recently acquired my first Apple iPhone 5C. Perhaps it is a relic compared to the Apple iPhone 8.

This is the Apple iPhone’s tenth anniversary. Apple normally does not reveal in advance when they release a new iPhone, which is strange to me. However, there is an Apple special event occurring on September twelve two thousand seventeen.

Media journalists have been invited to attend this event. Most likely this is when the new iPhone 8 will be released. However, you never know until it does get released.

Wouldn’t that be something if people get bamboozled into thinking this is the release announcement? Anyways, if indeed Apple does announce the iPhone eight at this event then chances are this device will be available for purchase on September twenty second two thousand seventeen. Generally, Apple waits a week until their new high profile products are available for purchase after their initial announcement.

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Apple is acutally planning on selling three different new iPhones this year. The Apple iPhone 8, iPhone 7s, iPhone 7s plus. I guess in recent history, Apple has released a major upgrade to their iPhone every other year.

In between major product changes, they have been releasing iPhones with minor upgrades. The iPhone 7s and 7s plus allegedly just has minor product upgrades from the iPhone 7. The Apple iPhone 8 is a major product upgrade from last years Apple iPhone 7.

I decided not to include that much technical information about the three afore mentioned Apple iPhone’s as we won’t know until these devices are officially sold. Supposedly, the iPhone 8 will be a little bit larger than the iPhone 7 and smaller than the iPhone 7 plus. Also, the home button supposedly has been removed from the iPhone 8.

The home button has been a featured part of this phone since the very first model in two thousand seven. The Apple iPhone 8 will allegedly run Apple iOS version eleven operating system. This smart device supposedly will cost more than an iPhone 7.